Kim Harvey

Kim Harvey is an author, co-founder of Angels & Doves.


Angels & Doves was co-founded by Kim Harvey and her mother, Joyce Taylor in early 2010.

The mission of Angels & Doves is to end bullying – which can be done peer to peer.

Angels & Doves has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS and is incorporated in the state of Indiana.

Kim has a background in the field of psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.  Although psychology was not her major, the majority of her electives are in this area including; abnormal, child and behavioral psychology.

Both Kim and Joyce have worked with children in some capacity for many years including working with infants and autistic children.

The Board of Directors includes:

Kim Harvey – Executive Director

Rupert Boneham – Director of Rupert’s Kids and ex-Survivor reality show celebrity

Andi Hauser – co-host of the CBS, WISH TV morning show

Jeremy Brimm – BMO bank

Anthony Snitzer – BMO bank

Angels & Doves was mentioned and recommended by Ellen DeGeneres in 2010 when the NO Bullying billboard was hung in memory of Billy Lucas in Greensburg, IN.

 Kim Harvey

Angels & Doves has created a ‘full circle’ of tools to introduce and support the mission of ending bullying; school presentation, staff presentation, The Bull Program, NO Bullying Club, The Bully Book and The Bundle.



Angels & Doves

WebsiteAngels & Doves


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