Devine Jamz

Brenda Solomon aka Devine Jamz is the General Manager & Partner of the Devine Jamz Gospel Network.

Divine Jamz 2

My objective is to effectively help Gospel artists, Christian ministries, and related organizations promote their digital media product.  It brings me joy to lend a helping hand to artists and ministries that work so hard ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 1Cr 9:23, “I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings”.​

About Us…


It brings us joy to lend a helping hand to those that work hard ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our objective is to effectively help promote your digital media product through our online radio and web promotions.

Who we are:

Devine Jamz Gospel Network consists of three marketing divisions and various affiliate partners. It is designed to help Independent Gospel Artists, Gospel Radio Stations, Ministries, and related organizations receive more exposure.  Our Media Division operates on a Securenet Systems, which serves radio streaming and website hosting customers in over 200 countries and every US state. It includes a range of internet-centric services to the radio industry and website owner seeking hi tech digital media broadcasting. Check out our features and pricing to see why our growth has continually mirrored the growth of online streaming, making our Securenet Systems the #1 favorite of terrestrial and Internet radio stations around the world! Our Promotions Division offers free song and video submissions, affordable radio spots, and jobs-music-auditions information. Lastly, our Public Relations Division is where our Contributing Bloggers promote Indie Artists EPK, our partner’s products and services, Christian Ministries, and marketing tips.

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Free In-House Distribution:

To receive our free distribution services artists and ministries must follow the instructions on the Distribution page. If you meet the requirements your media will be distributed to Gospel organizations and social networks within our connections! Our free services do not guarantee that you will receive a follow up or free service from a third party source. We are all volunteers who offer our time and service without payments from artists and ministries we serve. Any proceeds received from donations and affiliate sales is used for the monthly cost of all the paid websites we use for our out reach support!!form/c13uh


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