Chuck Chapman

Chuck Chapman is a songwriter, musician, mentor of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment owner Arthur E. Payne III, CEO and founder of Chapman Recording & Mastering.


Over 35 Years of pro audio experience as engineer and producer, session credits include Emmy, Omni, Nama and Silver Microphone Awards. Has worked on and produced thousands of radio, television, web, video and film projects as well as numerous Billboard and Cashbox “Top 100” chart records. After hours Chuck and his dad have a passion for old WARBIRDS and recently flew the last operating B-29 in the world.

It All Started With Damon Studios
Mr. Victor Damon was the founder of Damon Studios in 1933. Mr. Damon was instrumental in the development of spring reverb units, his prototype was used on many early Decca recordings. He also helped modify and upgrade the Scully Westrex disc cutting head amplifiers for Hacco, a leading disc mastering equipment manufacture. Damon Studios also housed the Damon Recording label which won “Record Of The Year” from Billboard magazine in 1948 for “My Happiness” by Jon and Sondra Steel. The Song was written by Kansas City artist Betty Blasco. Chuck Chapman started with Damon Studio in 1972 and later purchased the business.

Chapman Studio 228 West 5th Street 2

Kansas City‘s Premier Recording Studio

Chapman Recording and Mastering is a three room high end audio facility conveniently located just minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Only 20 to 40 minutes from any spot in the city, including the airport, brings you right to our front door.

For over nearly 40 years Chapman Recording has been providing professional audio production for music and advertising corporate, film, video, television, radio, audio books.
and ISDN.

We offer a distinctive atmosphere with cutting edge technologies in an creative rich environment.


An experienced and helpful staff, extensive selection of high end gear and impeccable acoustics make Chapman Recording the choice for creative individuals seeking quality production in the Midwest.

To schedule session time, arrange a tour or request a promotional cd sampler call 913-894-6854.

30 Years of Recording, Mixing and Mastering 

From the early 1970’s Chapman Recording and Mastering has been active with all types of production and several technological evolutions within the professional audio industry.

When we opened our doors the cassette and twenty-four track were new formats and most studios were still “one big room”.

Since then we’ve experienced remarkable growth away from the limitations of magnetic tape and linear recording to the unlimited possibilities of digital audio.

We’ve participated in the creative process on thousands of sessions while working with some of the greatest talent ever.

For more information call 913-894-6854



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