Marie Wise

Marie Wise is an author, co-founder of Christian Band Help.

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Christian Band Help is a ministry of Unleashed Arts, run by me, Marie Wise.  I have been working in the Christian music ministry for 30 years, in a variety of positions… musician, concert promoter, visual artist, band manager… you name it, I have probably done it. My husband, Mark Wise, was the bass player for the band Right Side Cast. Mark has been a Christian musician for over 20 years.

My goal now is to support the ministry of art. I hope to put the emphasis back on the ministry that art has to The Creator, the one who is doing the creating, those who are enjoying the creation, and all the people in between. The Ministry of Art is experiencing relationship with God through creative endeavors. Some examples of the potential impact of art are: a song lyric that gets stuck in your head, a painting that you just can’t stop looking at, or a poem that grabs your heart. The ministry of art is significant because it bypasses the mind and goes directly to a persons spirit. We need to support this important ministry as a key tool God is using for this generation. Yea, it’s a big dream. But God (my two favorite words) tends to think bigger than we can imagine. So, I am starting by serving Christian musicians with We’ll add visual, performing, and literary arts as we go along… unusual? A little quirky, maybe? Definitely not inside the box. Sounds like God to me.

Do you want to know more about what we do and why we do it? CLICK HERE

The Christian Band Guidebook

The Christian Band Guidebook

Don’t forget to check out The Christian Band Guidebook. It is our best resource to get you started on your journey towards an extraordinary music ministry. CLICK HERE to find out more about the book.

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