Michelle Danko

Michelle Danko is the publisher and founder of Faith Filled Family Magazine and Eye Worship Publications.


To be a light to families living in darkness and to minister to Christian families and marriages through the Word of God.

Quarterly Christian digital magazine aimed at ministering to families and marriages. For all age groups, and all seasons of life.

Can be contacted at mcdanko@faithfilledfamily.com

Faith Filled Family Magazine began out of obedience to God.  The last publication that I was involved in had ended, and I asked God, “What do I do now?”  I really enjoyed writing and doing a layout for a magazine, and didn’t want to stop.

The answer came back, “So why don’t you begin another magazine?”

“I can’t do that!  How am I going to fund a magazine?”

God replied with, “Trust in me.”


So I asked God for a confirmation by the way of a name for the magazine.  The name came in the middle of the night “Faith Filled Family” and God gave me the information as to what it was to be about, how to market it, and what it was to look like.  He provided the writers, the finances, and the knowledge as to how to make the dream possible.  I was just obedient.


  I began the journey in April of 2010, and launched October 26, 2010.  Since our launch, God has provided me with gifted writers who love the Lord, a wonderful editor who makes my job so much easier, and a loyal readership which grows by 50% each issue.What have I given Him?  My unending gratitude, praise, and continued obedience.  He has blessed me beyond measure.
Awards Top three percent of the week.
Completed first year with 97,000 hits on the magazine, and readership increases by 50% per issue.
Accepted into Cambridge Who’s Who for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Businesspeople

Faith Filled Family Logo





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