Annvenest Harper

Annvenest Harper aka Annvenest is a speaker, singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music.



“I love you all for your support and your help in helping me pursue my dream. I have been singing gospel music all my life and I have always found comfort and joy in the Lord”. – Annvenest

Annvenest is a Georgia native who was born on March 14, 1984. Singing has been her passion since she was a toddler.  Annvenest is a true music lover of all genres. However, it was gospel music that captivated her heart most. She credits Kirk Franklin for drawing her into the gospel realm with his nontraditional hit “Stomp”. She stated that “from then on I knew that young people can have a role in this industry and ministry.” And she has been singing for the Lord ever since.

       Now it’s her turn to make her mark in the gospel industry with her new single “Good God”. The song follows the trending style of contemporary gospel that has taken the music industry by surprise. The music makes you feel good and the lyrics reaffirm just how good God is. Annvenest is a youth advocate and she uses her music ministry to draw teens and young adults closer to God. Annvenest attends youth conferences throughout the Atlanta area singing and speaking about God’s glory.


      Annvenest is currently the praise and worship leader at Life of Redemption Christian Church in College Park, Georgia.  She began singing in the choir at age 13 at Saints for Christ Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. After growing and maturing in Christ she joined Mount Ephraim Baptist Church under the direction of Rev. R.L. White Jr. Dr. White was very influential in Annvenest’s life. His love for music, education and his commitment to the community inspired her to follow suit. Annvenest joined the NAACP under Dr. White’s leadership. She pursued higher education at Georgia State University, completing a bachelor’s degree in history education and she became a faithful and dedicated member of the Mount Ephraim praise and worship team.  

         Annvenest believes that God has given her a anointing to sing his praises. She plans to spend her life telling the world through song about who God is and the lost generation youth is her targeted audience. Singing brings her joy and happiness and there is nothing she’d rather do than sing gospel music. “You are at your best when you are doing what God created you to do” said Pastor Lowell James and Annvenest  is living her best life yet.


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