Kasey Scott

Kasey Scott is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


Kasey Scott started early in her singing career performing with her late Aunt at their church when she was just a little girl. Since then she has performed in Eureka Springs, AR and Branson, MO singing both gospel and country genres. She truly loves music and uses it to express her passion in Christ by sharing her experiences with everyone around her. She desires to touch everyone’s heart through music with God’s message within her songs.

Kasey Scott’s new album, You have Risen Savior, is a compilation of powerful and traditional gospel songs that transport you on a spiritual journey in the celebration of our Lord and is a blend of traditional Gospel, recent Christian, and original works. “You Have A Risen Savior” Jesus Saved Me” are original songs written by Kasey as she gives her testimony.

Kasey Scott

Jesus Saved Me sheds a bright light on our Lord and Savior in his eternal love for us in the forgiveness of our sins.


Visit the website…Kasey





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