Beverly Rivers

Beverly Rivers is an entrepreneur, musician, speaker, teacher, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian / Gospel music.  



“I’m just a girl who wants to make her heavenly father proud.  When this life is over and I meet my Savior face to face, I want to see a great gig cheezy smile on His face as He says. “Well Done!”   I recently returned to America after completing a 32-month missions assignment in Japan to assist the Kansai/Osaka area churches with evangelism.  During my stay I was honored to serve as a promoter for  the Franklin Graham Festival as well as teach voice and Gospel music for three churches as a community outreach program.  I took this assignment because I could not understand how less than 1% of the population in Japan are Christian.  After being submerged in the culture for almost three years, I gained a better understanding of the depth of cultural bonds that have created this condition.  

My assignment began April 6th 2010.  Americans often ask.  “Why would you interrupt your life for three years to do this?”  My answer…”to share my love for Jesus, because He’s too good to miss!”  After my arrival in Japan, many Japanese asked.  “Why did you come to Japan?”  My answer…”to share my love for Jesus, because He’s too good to miss!”  I promised the Lord, Jesus that I would teach the people about Him.  So with all of my heart and energy I lifted up the name of Jesus through singing, teaching voice, playing piano, directing student concert, teaching Bible studies, spending time with students in groups and one to one, praying, whatever the Lord led me to do.  I pray that the light of His love shone through me so that many will someday come to know him.  When I have breathed my last breath, I wish to leave a legacy of faith and a trail of redeemed souls to the Glory of God… The one and only true and living GOD!”  Amen!

Blessings, Beverly

Beverly Rivers, is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Founder of BCPA, Breakfree Christian Performers Association Inc., a nonprofit (501(c)3 performing arts evangelism organization.  For more on BCPA, Inc. visit   At age 9 Beverly sat down to practice her scales and hymn pieces in preparation for her piano lesson. Instead, she pecked out a melody that was rolling around in her head. Her first composition entitled “I’ve Dreamed” marked the beginning of her journey as an artist. From then on… behold the dreamer cometh. Beverly sang in choirs and choral groups in church, school and college. Hiding her talent among the masses, she never asserted herself to be the lead singer or a soloist. For years she sang is groups and directed choirs, too fearful to allow the fullness of her talent to be known. In later years, the aftershock of  painful life experiences were the catalyst that brought about a supernatural writing experience in Beverly’s life. “It was like someone turned a radio on in my head.” She explains. “I would hear unique music and vocal performances and realized I was hearing an original song in my mind.” For a year she wrote songs that seemed to download from heaven into her spirit. These songs were a healing balm for her own brokenness. Months later, Beverly found herself stranded on the freeway after the drive shaft broke on her van. A young man pulled over to help and called for a tow on his cell phone. While they waited for the tow truck to arrive, he learned that Beverly had written several unpublished gospel songs, she learned that he was the co-owner of a recording studio. This divine appointment led Beverly to meet Eric Hayslett, who produced the music for The Prophecy, her first release. Eric became instrumental in recruiting and directing Breakfree Band for Beverly’s’ debut concert and beyond. Since the 1994 debut of her first music release, The Prophecy, Beverly Rivers has WOWed audiences with her smooth, clear vocals. Beverly’s vocal style can be described as Jazzy R&B with a taste of SoftRock. Fans compare her vocal style to Anita Baker’s sultry range, Aretha Franklin’s old school soul, and Barbara Streisand’s classy clarity. Performances venues include CA Bay Area Christian Coffeehouses, Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival at Laguna Seca, San Mateo and Alameda County Fairs, United Christian Broadcasting TV show, “Coast to Coast”, Various 12 Step Ministries, Churches, and Schools. In 2003, Beverly completed a 10 day five city tour of England as a special guest vocalist with Dance for His Glory. Beverly Rivers is a modern day psalmist with a unique gift for writing songs that speak clearly to the heart of real life issues. The music is clearly R&B yet the lyrics are infused with the truth found in Word of God. Experience the energy of Beverly Rivers who never neglects to teach her audience the hook of a tune that will leave them dancing and singing all the way home. Beverly skillfully writes and sings the words that are trapped in our hearts but we find it hard to express. She has a gift of connecting with her audience. Her concerts are injected with energy that leaves her audiences powered up, fired up and wanting more! Beverly is also a guest speaker / workshop instructor for Women’s Retreats, Vocal Training and Songwriting Workshops. Beverly Rivers’ Ministries is funded by proceeds from CD sales, honorariums and tax-deductible gifts made by financial partners and business sponsors. When she is not wearing the Gospel Diva or Teaching Evangelist hats, Beverly works to duplicate her skill and heart for musical excellence in other performing artists as The Vocal Coach. She teaches, supports and encourages artists to give God excellence in the performing arts, connecting them to Breakfree Christian Performers Association, Inc., for mentoring and fellowship. There is more testimony than one bio can hold. Invite Beverly Rivers to sing or speak at your next event and draw from a very deep well filled from a heavenly source.


Visit the website…Beverly Rivers


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