Michelle Skoog

Michelle Skoog is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


Michelle Skoog has always had a passion for singing her heart out for God.

“I have loved singing about God’s goodness for as long as I can remember,” Michelle says. But singing is not the only talent from this South Dakota girl. Michelle began writing as a young girl and has continued to write whenever she feels the Lord speaking to her heart. “When I write a song, it is an amazing, humbling experience. I truly feel like I am God’s vessel and His words and music flow through me. I have to let go and listen deeply for His voice. The words are not mine, they are His.”

Michelle has lead worship in numerous churches and shared her musical talent in many different venues. In addition to her life as a busy wife and mother of three young children, she feels God is calling her to serve Him through music and share her songs with the world. “I just want to be faithful and use the gifts He has given me for His glory.”  “I chose the title for this album, ‘Lead Me’ because that is truly the prayer for my life right now. My heart yearns to follow our dear Lord wherever He may lead. I am learning to trust Him completely and surrender my life to Him. I am willing to follow Him wherever He may lead me and I want to help others draw close to Him and learn to put their trust in Him. I hope that my music helps people realize how precious they are in God’s sight and that He has a plan for them, as it says in Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’.”


‘Lead Me’ features fun songs that encourage people to live their life to the fullest (Live, I Will Go), songs of worship for our amazing God (Place Where We Belong, His Hand On Me), and songs that cry out for God’s guidance (Show Me Your Will, Speak to My Heart).  Michelle is excited to start out this adventure with an amazing album produced in Nashville, TN with Creative Soul Records. CSR president and producer of “Lead Me” enjoyed his time working with Michelle and her husband Tom Skoog. “Our whole team here was thrilled to work with Michelle on her music.


Besides being the nicest lady on the planet, and surprisingly patient and kind for a busy mom of three kids (and she was pregnant during most of this process!), Michelle is a very talented and motivate songwriter. She was determined to bring absolutely the best material she could to this project.


For more on Michelle visit her website…Michelle





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