Donna Kay Faulkner

Donna Kay Faulkner aka Donna Kay is a radio talk show host, speaker, award winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.

Donna Kay

“Excuses remain until Courage begins”

Donna Kay is a victorious living example of what it takes to overcome the most difficult and challenging circumstances that one can sometimes experience. She faced a 5-year daily debilitating struggle that majorly tested her faith and almost took her life. During that time she suffered from the most severe case of chronic insomnia a person could possibly endure resulting in painful mental and physical exhaustion, major depression, electrifying anxiety, nonstop fear, panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, sleeping pill addiction, anti-depressant and anti-psychotic prescription dependence, restless leg syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, fatigue, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, financial problems, divorce, the death of both her parents, and 2 near suicide attempts.


Donna Kay’s miserable desperation for sleep led her into $50,000 of debt trying to cure the insomnia with every type of pill possible, countless doctors to no avail, alternative therapies, hypnosis, insomnia specialists, acupuncture, Chinese medicines, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), meditation, proper nutrition, natural remedies, and finally checking herself into a 30 day treatment center and ultimately a psychiatric unit to avoid suicide.

When Donna Kay finally let go of what was not working and owned her True Worthy Identity she had a breakthrough revelation and awakening to having more Gratitude and Love for everything in her life unconditionally, which gave her a spontaneous and natural continual healing when all other attempts failed. Donna Kay has been redeemed, revived, and completely delivered in every way possible, living the life of her dreams today! Her biggest crisis has truly become her biggest blessing.

Donna Kay 3

Her mission and purpose for living is to inspire others, through music and message, to make Love become real in their lives and one way is to experience the, simple but yet profound, healing power of Gratitude. She gives insightful and enlightened wisdom on how Gratitude and Love can deliver us from the simplest to the most seemingly impossible circumstances, once we get our perspective into a state of Gratitude. It is our Gratitude that positions us to receive all Healing, Love and Joy that we desire.

Donna Kay is an authentic, passionate, engaging, motivational, inspiring, and dynamic singer, speaker, and life coach. She has been blessed with many gifts, abilities, and talents to reach a multitude of people at any age….from youth to adults. Donna Kay reaches the masses because she has the ability to connect on so many different levels. Any event that she participates in will be enriched, leaving others encouraged, awakened, and inspired to a new level of thinking and living!


To Book a “Free to Be Me” event with Donna Kay contact

For more on Donna visit her website…Donna Kay


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