Craig Whittaker

Craig Whittaker is a minister, musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


“God has so clearly placed it on my heart to write and share this music with the world around me. He gave His very best for me so I feel compelled to give my best for Him.

Craig Whittaker is a Christian songwriter and minister, with songs that will deeply affect you, and move you to want to be closer to our God.

Growing up on a farm in the small community of White Gate, Virginia, Craig witnessed the awesome creation and daily miracles of God. Craig recalls, “I was so blessed to be raised by wonderful parents and family, an incredible church family and community, but even being surrounded by God’s incredible creation, I didn’t truly know Him. I believed in the existence of God and that Jesus was His son, but it wasn’t until attending a play in nearby Roanoke, Virginia entitled “Children of Eden” that I felt the overwhelming touch of the Holy Spirit. That day changed my life forever! I began to realize that the all powerful creator of the universe actually loved me and longed for my love in return! I began to feel His presence and desired to get as close to Him as possible. Church, Bible study, prayer all became a priority and I can undoubtedly say that He has never once failed me.”


Music and singing have always been a part of Craig’s life. Being part of the Giles High Symphonic Chorale and playing and performing at various functions while a student at Virginia Tech served as the groundwork for what has now become a passion. “After accepting Jesus into my life, it just made sense that the sounds of my heart should reflect Him as well.” Craig has been performing over the last dozen years as part of The Mount Zion Quartet, singing baritone for this traditional, hymn, and a capella influenced group. Craig’s songwriting began after a February 2004 concert appearance by Casting Crowns in nearby Pulaski, Virginia. The messages contained in their music was something Craig recognized was in his heart as well.

craig whittaker1

“I could feel so many of my own thoughts flowing through worship during the show, but He was also asking for more from me, He wanted to HEAR my words, my thoughts, my testimony! I have come to realize that my desire to glorify Him in song could not have occurred if He hadn’t instilled in me a love of music, the ability to learn the acoustic guitar in college, and the fact that I have been singing most of my life, all have been part of a great plan that God has for me.”

craig whittaker2

It was those convictions that ultimately led Craig to Creative Soul Records and producer Eric Copeland in Nashville to produce his debut Contemporary Christian CD “Common Ground”. Eleven original songs of God’s grace and mercy that will leave listeners with a renewed sense of hope and of God’s love for us all.


To learn more about Craig visit his website…Craig Whittaker


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