Ayana Webb

Ayana Webb is CEO of M Pire Magazine and AMW MultiMedia, singer-songwriter and musician of several genres including contemporary Christian / Gospel music.


“People give up on their dreams due to internal fear and fear coming from others. The one feeling more painful than fear is regret. It’s better to face your fears by giving your dreams a chance (even when there’s a POSSIBILITY of failure), than to face regret by not pursuing your dreams at all, thus GUARANTEEING failure”. – Ayana Webb

Born in the city of Philadelphia and raised in New Jersey, Ayana Webb has been trained in the music realm since she was 8 years old. She started out singing, then expanded her skills to playing piano after a couple of years. Ayana then became involved in many different advanced choirs throughout middle school and high school. After her first year in college as an accounting major, she decided to switch her major to music and fully devote her life to singing opera and training in piano. A few months ago, she decided to go into producing and songwriting, thus creating her first album from scratch. This year, Ayana plans to go to new heights and start having live performances and producing new songs as well as maintaining M Pire Magazine and AMW MultiMedia.


M Pire Magazine opens doors of opportunities for indie and signed artists to build their career and their empire, whether the opportunity comes from us, or from others we connect with. We promote artists via advertising in the magazine and website,we put up events for artists to go to and perform, and many other things.


To learn more visit Ayana’s website…Ayana   AMW MultiMedia…AMW


   M Pire Magazine



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