Dan Harr

Dan Harr is a singer-songwriter, musician, the founder / CEO of Music News Nashville, Publisher / Owner / Photographer / Writer.

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“Follow your dreams and make every day full of life rather than just another day lived”. – Dan Harr

Dan started Music News Nashville in 2005 as a means to communicate his performance schedule and those of his friends.  As the newsletter grew, Dan converted it into a full-blown website with information on the Music Industry in and out of Nashville.  Along with being the Publisher and Owner of MNN, Dan is an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter, having performed with some A-list musicians and artists over the years.  But his creativity doesn’t stop there.  Dan is also a professional photographer, covering concerts and events not only for MNN but for a national wire service, having publishing credits in major U.S. and International magazines and newspapers.

To email Dan, CLICK HERE. To see Dan’s photography, visit his photo website at Atlanta Hot Shots. Also, please feel free to “Friend” Dan on Facebook.

About Music News Nashville…

Music News Nashville started as a small newsletter by Dan Harr to pass information on to others about his playing schedule, as well as those of a couple of his friends. Within a month, the newsletter had grown to include dozens of other artists who liked the idea and the mailing list went from about 25 people to over a thousand. The mailing list has now surpassed the 40,000 mark and keeps growing every day, while the content of the newsletter continues to incorporate more information.

Music News Nashville went online in November, 2004, and officially became a full-blown magazine in June, 2005, with the focus on providing information on the Nashville songwriting community to those who want to know what’s going on in “Nashvegas.”   As we continue to grow, Dan looks to keep developing Music News Nashville into the industry standard e-magazine for all the news you might want to know about Nashville and beyond.

This website was originally dedicated to disseminating information about songwriters and the words they create.  There are more than enough sites out there supporting the top artists, but very few providing information about the people who write the songs the artists sing.  Without good songs, artists wouldn’t be who they are.  To quote Beth Nielsen Chapman, “without songwriters, Celene Dion would be singing the phone book.”

However, as things have evolved, it’s grown into the Music City resource it’s become, with information on all aspects of the music industry in and of Nashville.  While Country Music is the primary genre reported on, we also cover every genre which has a home in Nashville… blues, rock, alternative, theater and so much more.

Music News Nashville encourages the submission of information to be included in the newsletter and on the website.  We want to get word around town when new songs are cut, when a writer gets a publishing deal, and when a songwriter suddenly finds their big break and lands that next number one hit.  We want to continue profiling up-and-coming writers and artists as well as those who’ve had success.  It’s all about the music… It’s all about the song.

So, check out the site and see what you can find.  We have the information about the music industry that readers of the magazine have come to expect.  Dan Harr

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Music News Nashville…Music News Nashville

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