Marian Elaine Blair

Marian Elaine Blair is an entrepreneur, award winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music.

Marian 1

Marian Elaine Blair is a minister of the Gospel. A native of North Carolina, she has spent most of her life in the Washington, DC , Maryland area. Her real ministry dates back to humble beginnings of feeding the hungry & homeless on the streets of Washington DC with her husband Apostle George Blair. The ministry which was nicknamed “The Pot of Soup Ministry”, came from the use of the large army pot of soup that they used to feed each week. The feeding ministry then led to the founding of Deliverance Temple Church & Regeneration Development Group, a community non-profit organization formed to meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

At the inception of Deliverance Temple, God said he would send those in to be delivered by his word. (Psalm 107:20) She has seen God perform his word many many times over the years with the deliverance from drug & alcohol addictions, homelessness, hunger and other ills that plague the people of God. This project “Songs of Deliverance” is a culmination of all she has learned about deliverance through the years put to song. Her mandate is to deliver these songs to the body of Christ bringing healing and deliverance. This is her first major project following two former projects; “Generations II Revealed” in 1999 and “Just M.E. and My Lover in 2003.  These earlier projects have garnered a first place trophy in the 4th Annual Tiffany Awards/Best Jazz Gospel/ “I Can Wear This Song” and first place in the 2005 Independent Gospel Music Awards for Best Traditional Gospel with the track “A Change in Me”.

Marian 2

Marian flows easily from one Christian genre to another; From appearing on The Bobby Jones New Gospel Artist venue to opening for recording artist Vickie Yohe. Marian placed second in “The Luther Barnes 7th Annual N.C. Fall Gospel Classic and has also been a background singer for recording artist William Becton. It is from her powerful experiences as a minister that she is able to deliver biblically sound messages. The riveting lyrics literally “stick” to your souls. The melodies are diverse and reflect a broad range of styles including contemporary, traditional, jazz, and worship. Deep soulful tunes will calm you, others make you feel like dancing, while others take you into the very presence of God in worship. The fresh new original sounds will inspire and uplift you as you hear God’s voice and sense his love and presence. The project reveals the most important parts of the Christian walk- Love and union with Christ, living a holy life and loving one another.



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