Richard Carey & The Richard Carey Project

Richard Carey is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian Music and founder of The Richard Carey Project.


Hey, check out the music first. Would you have guessed that this artist is the father of six, a common pleas court judge, a former prosecuting attorney, a choir director, a grad from Notre Dame, a basketball and softball coach, and a farmer? Tune into his Web site, for more. God bless.

The Richard Carey Project is a contemporary Christian group dedicated to spreading the gospel of the Lord to it’s expanding audience. The power of the Lord is reflected in the remarkable songs created by talented front man Rich Carey. These songs embrace and emphasize Richard’s deep Christian faith and values. It is amazing that Rich somehow finds the time to write contemporary Christian music considering his demanding life as local Probate Judge, dedicated father and husband! In addition, RCP includes some of the areas best musicians that embellish each performance with colorful textures, dramatic solos and beautiful backing vocals. This band has a great chemistry and puts a special “drive and energy” into each live performance! The Richard Carey Project has opened for many well-known Christian bands such as Mercy Me and Audio Adrenaline and has contributed to a variety of benefit concerts in the local Springfield community.

richard carey

Richard Carey, the local probate judge, puts down the gavel (temporarily) and picks up the microphone with the release of his third Christian rock CD: “Crossin’ O’er the Jordan”, scheduled for release this summer.

“After a year in the studio, the band is pretty excited about this release,” says Carey. “It is very high-octane, very urban. Indeed, the CD has a very ‘live’ sound to it—as though it were recorded on the streets of Springfield—sans the traffic. Still, this new music is rather diverse, offering some quieter ballads amidst a number of songs heavy laden with brass and vocal harmonies. Think of Billy Joel meeting the Saturday Night Live band.”


It is all part of a Christian music ministry started by Carey five years ago with the release of his CD: “For the Glory of the Lord.” “My goal was, and remains, to touch hearts through the performance of my music, and through the sharing of stories—many of which come from my experiences in the criminal justice system. It has proven to be a good venue for spreading the truth and the wisdom of the Gospel message.”  The ministry has taken him around Ohio and as far away as Arizona, Colorado, and Montana.




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