Belinda Jane

Belinda Jane is a musician, business owner, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.

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Belinda Jane and Belinda Jane Ministries, use the media of music to bring the light of the gospel to the stage. What makes Belinda Jane unique is the “edge” that she brings to her genre. “The music I write is multi-faceted, musically eclectic but with transcending vocals.” states Belinda Jane. Multi-faceted being the integral word in her ministry, enabling Belinda Jane to touch a wide range of ages in every audience. With her music, “Belinda Jane hopes to share with you an opportunity to join her on her journey to be “the hands of Christ”…

In our family, baseball is not just a pastime, but a way of life.  Both of my sons play the sport year round.  Over the past 12 years, we have cheered on the bleachers and screamed in the dugouts for about a million baseball games (ok…I’m stretching it for emphasis). Some of those games, we walked away winners, our heads held high, bats on our shoulders.  It was, and still is, a great feeling of accomplishment.  There were also many times, when we experienced terrible loss.   The games that ended up 15-0 in three innings were especially hard to swallow.  Instead of the victory march, the boys (and parents) would walk off the field dragging their spirits and bat bags behind them.  The big challenge before every single game was this:  Are we going to play like winners or losers?  Usually, the mindset or belief  before the game would determine the outcome.

 Life has many of the same types of challenges as the great game of baseball. There are many times that we cycle in and out of defeat, hating ourselves and the choices that we have made. We start playing like losers.
There are also those instances when we do good works with hope that it will some how make up for all the wrong things we have done.  Romans 4 simply states that it is neither our righteousness or our unrighteousness that determines our relationship with God.  Our FAITH is how God credits our righteousness (without guilt or sin).

How can you find freedom from defeat? Play like a winner! Choose to believe in God.  Choose to believe in His promise to make you a new person.  Believe that you are beautiful to Him and that He has a purpose for your life.
 Jesus took on your unrighteousness so that you could be righteous.  Jesus has placed a value greater than gold on your faith.  He is not keeping score because your works, good or bad, have absolutely nothing to do with His love for you.  Live life in belief and exist to win!
Belinda Jane

BELINDA JANE walks onto the stage, grabs the microphone and an experience begins. Only 5’3” in stature, she transforms into a musical powerhouse, prepared and ready to both give and receive. Of the many gifts that God has handed out to us as humans, Belinda Jane was given the ability to challenge, inspire, motivate, and encourage. On and off the stage, her wisdom and sensitivity are so apparent. You find yourself just wanting to listen. The same happens when she begins a song. There is more than just the music and lyric, there is something that you feel. It makes you question, it makes you listen, brings you to places of wonder and makes a difference in your life. No shallowness allowed here.

With a family background of ministry and music Belinda Jane has visited many thoroughfares in life. Life experience, “good and not so good”, has brought her to a place in both her writing and speaking of “I know what you are going through…” Therefore, enabling her to relate to people on the forefront of their troubles and pain. Belinda Jane paints the story of life on her canvas of music for all to hear and glean.

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Belinda Jane is currently based in Savannah, GA, where she resides with her husband and three of her four children. Belinda utilizes the media of both music and speech to bring the light of the gospel to the stage. Family, though, comes first to this music sage. From the early beginnings, she brought an “edge” to her contemporary genre. “The music I write is multi-faceted, musically eclectic but with transcending vocals.” states Belinda Jane. Multi-faceted being the integral Word in her ministry, which enables her to reach a wide range of ages in every audience.

Belinda Jane is in a constant state of creating. With songs in tow, Belinda Jane hired Creative Soul Records, Nashville, TN, as part of the team for the project, “The Heart of God.” The result is an eclectic mix of eight original songs and two remakes of classic hymns all written and arranged by Belinda Jane and producer Eric Copeland. Copeland says, “…Belinda Jane has a quality and a sound that is truly anointed.”

The next project currently in process with Creative Soul Records in Nashville, follows closely behind, with more of that attitude that has been growing in her musically and lyrically. BELINDA JANE continues to take her music to the very “ends of the world.”

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