Brett Turner Francis

Brett Turner Francis is a musician, composer, worship leader, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.

brett francis

“There’s more to me than just music. I’m a big fan of the world around us. Fields and forests and rivers and streams, gentle breezes and gusty winds all seem to open up my imagination. Every spring I eagerly await the first thunderstorm, and I’m especially fond of sunsets. You know that time of the evening when the sun has already set but there’s still light in the sky? That’s my all-time favorite. I love how everything on the ground is a black silhouette but the sky is full of every color imaginable, from soft pinks and reds in the east to deep blues in the west. Wow.

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons–there’s a calmness and stillness I feel that time of the year that is like no other.


In contrast, I also admire a good urban cityscape. Complicated freeway interchanges fascinate me; tall buildings and big bridges intrigue me.

I love taking walks outside, all alone or with others. Those are moments of my greatest inspiration. I really enjoy being with people, but I prefer to be with just one or two at a time. Big groups can be fun, but I feel more fulfilled when I can share an intimate conversation with someone”. Brett Turner Francis


Brett Turner Francis is a singer/songwriter with a desire to offer audiences powerful messages and compelling insights through songs and live performances. Brett hopes to not be thought of as an entertainer, because to entertain is to “keep someone in between.” That is, entertainment can help someone escape or avoid the issues of real life. He prefers to encourage audiences to encounter real life head-on, while reminding listeners of the everlasting hope, joy, and healing available through God’s rich love.

Also the worship leader at a youth summer camp in the Midwest, Brett Turner Francis hopes to make all performances a worshipful experience for audiences and for himself. He believes worship is an attitude and a way of life—not just an occasional experience or action. Brett strives to convey that message in every song that is sung and in every word that is spoken.


Audiences are sure to come away from performances with Brett Turner Francis, filled with the courage to face the issues in each one’s life, with hearts ignited and inspired to offer their lives to God in worship.



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