Heather Land

Heather Land is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.

Heather 1

The ability to command a following into the presence of God, in this day and age, is more needed than ever. Heather Land, when opening her mouth to worship, does just that. Tennessean turned Texan, this girl admits to always knowing God’s love. She has recognized from the earliest times she could sing that God had something in mind for the gift He put in her. That pull and call to minister has given her such an incredible love for people and the desire to see many touched through music. This heart for God and ministry lead her to become a product of the Pensacola Revival and the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, FL where her involvement in music began to take stage. It was there that she met her wonderful husband, Brad. They married in 1999 and since have had two beautiful children, Noah and Ava. As her music ministry continues she maintains that her highest call is to her family. Along with being a wife and mother, Heather is also a worship leader at Trinity Fellowship Church in Pampa, TX where she has served since 2004.

heather 2

As God opens doors that no man can shut, it’s very humbling and honoring when a door opens into the world of writing and recording. Presented with a wonderful opportunity, Heather has now completed work on her first album, available soon. Well-known songwriter and recording artist, Jared Anderson, got on board to produce this record and has been instrumental in not only opening Heather up to a world of writing, but also helping her establish a connection with other amazingly talented writers and musicians whose works appear on this album.

This recording is a beautiful combination of soul in it’s unique sound, and of spirit in it’s creative message. From “Pouring It Out For You” and “Satisfy Me” to “Ready For You” and “Love That I Just Can’t Get Over”, each song is a declaration of continual worship to the Savior. Only after a note or two will the charm in her voice and the anointing in her delivery find your heart in that secret place with God. Her prayer is that you will be moved deeper into worship and be challenged to move deeper into your relationship with the Father as you listen.

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