Lauren Redpath

Lauren Redpath is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music and also a member of the inspirational / country group Redpath.

Lauren redpath

Lauren Redpath is the original founder and songwriter of Redpath and writes most of the music and runs the business behind the scenes.

Lauren has also wrote and produced a Christian / Inspirational cd that was released in 2011.

Lauren new cd


Redpath is a dynamic trio of sisters from Minnesota who have been singing together for more years than most people can count and all three agree that they are much better together than they are apart. As the oldest of the three at 25, Lauren embodies the quintessential girl next-door persona. Her warmth, compassion and storytelling heart is effortlessly demonstrated in their music as she writes Redpath’s songs. Torie, age 23, is the sassy sophisticated one that keeps Redpath’s style both trendy and classy. Ali is the youngest at 22, but her intelligence, elegance, and strong-will prevent her from ever being labeled “the baby”.

redpath 8

Performing is nothing new to the ladies of Redpath. Lauren grew up singing in the church, released two albums prior to Redpath and has been paid to sing since the age of five. Torie has sung in various groups since she was a teenager. True to the phrase, “all good things come to those who wait”, something changed a few months ago when Ali finished her college degree and the dream of finally singing as sisters became a reality.

Redpath 5

Influenced by the sounds of The Eagles, Shania Twain, and Allison Krauss, Redpath hopes to tell stories of everyday lives in their music; ones with heartbreak, hope, humor, and beauty. Lauren writes from her own experiences and those of close friends. “I want the songs to be about authentic, everyday experiences that people can relate to.”

Lauren describes Redpath’s country/pop sound, “We aren’t from the South so we obviously don’t have accents.” Lauren also goes on to say that the sisters love country instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, and banjo. She further explains, “You don’t have to be from the South to sing country.” And the ladies of Redpath definitely prove that to be true in their first single, “Let Go”.

Tour Info

During the summer and fall months Redpath performs in theaters, city parks
and festivals. During the live show it is their goal to make the audience feel good about themselves and bless them through their music. They perform to connect with their listeners and share relatable stories and personal experiences in the message of their songs.

During the winter, Redpath puts on a Christmas Music Experience. The holiday show was designed to bring the joy of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ into the hearts of every listener.

Moving Forward

Lauren, Ali and Torie Redpath hope and pray they’ll be able to continue to share their gift of music with the world for years and years to come. A wise woman once told them it’s not what you get when you leave this world but it’s what you gave away. They intend to keep on blessing and inspiring others through music with messages of faith, hope and love.

Lauren redpath 2

lauren Redpath 9


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