Rachel Leigh

Rachel Leigh is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.

Rachel Leigh 1

Worship is LIFE. TRUTH sets you free. JESUS is the way.

I’ve never been great at blogging consistently BUT with the grace of God I am going to try!  With this new website comes new music, new changes in my personal life (within that last year I have been working on this CD, bought a house, moved to a new state, reunited with my now husband, got married and a few more things) and so much more!  I am in a new season and am excited for all the work to be done in the next year.

Please look for my EP, Slow Down, available 12-12-12 on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores near you.  I look forward to sharing my life, thoughts, lessons, learning and other various random encounters in my life as they happen!

Rachel Leigh 2

Thank you and God’s blessing on you today!

Rachel Leigh

“Soul songstress Rachel Leigh is a native of Indiana who has performed with the likes of Montell Jordan, Tim Brantley and Christian Lewis and is comparable to female artists Sara Bareilles and Francesca Battistelli. She has been interviewed by MTV2, Comedy Central and the Style Network and has performed in cities including London, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta where she was recently an Eddie’s Attic Open Mic Winner. She seeks to share her love for God and bring reconciliation to the hearts of the lost, broken and abandoned. She is currently touring in support of her EP, “Slow Down” (available on iTunes). Partnering with Not For Sale and crusading to end slavery, let her moving piano melodies paired with her powerful voice touch your soul and move your heart.”

Rachel Leigh 3





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