Erin Hutchison

Erin Hutchison is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


Lyrical, deep, and relevant. Erin Hutchison brings clarity and musical expression, along with honest interpretations, of her own brand of rock, pop, and classical music.

Singer-songwriter Erin Hutchinson has one of the most hopeful voices in contemporary Christian music of late. Her debut Out of the Box is fresh and very exciting. The production done up by Eric Copland is full of hooks and vibrant picturesque melodies that are captivating. Hutchison’s songwriting is sharp and several of the individual songs on this CD have a good chance of gaining her some radio exposure. My favorites include the popish tune “The Truth Is Out There,” the piano and strings driven “Out of the Box,” and the gutsy “You’re Not Alone.”

– Ken W.

You keep asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard of this lady before?

Whether it is the ethereal vocals and instrumentals of Erin Hutchison’s “Even Though” or the challenging lyrics for the title track “Out of the Box” you keep asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard of this lady before?”Hutchison the lyricist paints word pictures and tugs at your heart strings while her passionate vocals pose the question “Why Did This Happen” (track 6). At some time in our lives we have all echoed the singer’s words “What did I ever do to deserve this?” A good producer will tell you that the difference between a competent singer and a good or great singer comes with hearing the conviction in the vocals. You get the sense in listening to “Why Did This Happen” that these are not mere words to a song but speak from Hutchison’s own life.

The same conviction carries over into the song “Hero.” Society often thinks of heroes as celebrities or those in the spotlight but the real heroes are the ones that often go unnoticed. In one spot the singer says, “I hope you are my hero” and in another “I wish you could know you are my hero.” The lyrics serve as reminders to all of us to remember to say thank you while the opportunity to do so still exists.

Producer Eric Copeland weaves his magic to create some beautiful arrangements and create an orchestral feel for many of the songs on this album. “You’re Not Alone” is more like a rock symphony and producer and singer rise to the occasion with powerful but not overpowering instrumentals accompanying Hutchison’s powerful vocals that challenge you with every word.

“Out of the Box” the title track blends the violins of David Davidson and David Angel while cellist Bob Mason accompanies Erin Hutchison who plays the piano. Jerry McPherson and Mark Hill appear on lead guitar and bass respectively.

The final track “How Big” if given the proper exposure will eventually be added to the CCLI listings mark my words! This song echoes the Psalmist’s heart as reflected in Psalm 8; however the words are not borrowed but flow from the pen of Hutchison. “How big are you God? Just how big? / And how small am I? / The same holy hands that gave life to me / Created the earth and the stars in the sky / How great are you God? How great is your love? / And why would you care for me?” / The song mirrors the heart of this twenty-six year old from Paris Illinois and undoubtedly draws upon her experience serving for several years as a worship leader.

As the disc spins you think you have discovered the best song on the record until the next one grabs you. Will I recommend this album? There is not a doubt that I will. Would I buy a ticket to this lady’s concert? Once again without hesitation I would issue a resounding yes. Erin Hutchison is not only a treasure to be discovered but she is a gift to be shared with friends. – Joe Montague


The talented twenty-six year old songstress from central Illinois has taken many roads to get outside herself and realize her musical dreams. It all comes to fruition with her new release on Creative Soul Records, “Out of the Box”.

From a young age, she knew that her dreams and goals would somehow involve music. Piano lessons at 5, church choirs, musicals, and solos in church; it all came naturally and easily.

“I always knew that music was going to be in some part of my future. Exactly WHAT form it was going to take, I was unsure of. But I knew that I couldn’t live without it.”

Through high school the obsession with music continued, and church music continued to be her outlet with church vocal groups, and solos at area churches.

After high school and attending Eastern Illinois University, and not knowing what direction to go next, she accepted a job with a local retail landscaping nursery where she got the inspiration to start writing her own music. “I spent a lot of hours in the back buildings, watering rows and rows of plants, so I had plenty of time to think. Since this nursery was way out in the country, it was a very quiet and peaceful environment. All this together must have spawned some creative thinking because I started writing a lot of music.”

“I very rarely ever sit down to write a song. I’m usually doing something routine and an idea or melody will just hit me. I always come up with the music first, and then the lyrics follow.”

But all these songs needed to get out to the world.

For a few years, Erin led worship at a church in Paris, Illinois.

Finally, one day, she started to surf the net and found the music producers at Creative Soul in Nashville, TN.

Working with producer Eric Copeland, she honed her songs for commercial release and hopefully life-changing results among those who will hear. They brought in the best musicians in the Christian music business, and Grammy-winning engineer Ronnie Brookshire.

The result is “Out of the Box”, a collection of 11 songs that deal with growth, pain, hope, and faith.

Finally learning to live outside of herself, Erin now is working with Creative Soul Records to get her CD out across the world, to national radio, and to the people in churches across the country.


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