Joy Hill

Joy Hill is a speaker, producer, worship leader, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian / Gospel music.


Joy Hill is an anointed woman of God, whose passion is to  lead people into God’s presence,  and to see them delivered and set free.

Dallas, TX — Imagine watching your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece being sold into prostitution and not even knowing it. Imagine being a mother and being told that your child can work and help provide for the family. So, for $200 and a bag of rice you unknowingly trade your little girl in and never see her again. Just imagine if you were the one daily getting every bit of innocence snatched from you. You have no concept of love, no identity or self-worth because you were never given the chance to live free and enjoy your life as a young girl or woman!

This is how many women and children are suffering in Cambodia and Thailand and they are silently screaming for a way out! But with the help of some talented producers, musicians, songwriters, and engineers at Signature Music Design Inc., Joy Hill decided to do her part and make a difference…one song at a time.

These 5-songs weren’t created to be just more music you hear on the radio, or the next billboard charting project… No! This music was created with a purpose to save! Signature Music Design & Joy Hill have committed to help international organization Pearl Alliance ( rescue 20 women or children from hell on earth!

Although Joy was new to the atrocity of the sex-trade, Pearl Alliance  was very open to the idea of utilize the gift of music to raise funding and awareness for this cause, and to ultimately  help them stomp out human trafficking.

Currently, Pearl Alliance is working with the Sak Saum Vocational Training Center in Cambodia, and they are building The Kairos Training Center in order to offer space to provide an education, library, spiritual discipleship classes, worship services and more for the women and children that have been rescued, and then restored.

Joy is honored to be a part of this wonderful charity,  knowing that her music will help support and nurture women and children back to a life filled with hope, and happiness.

Here’s what the industry is saying:

Cece Winans – “Joy Hill brings me pure joy every time I hear her voice. I think her voice and songwriting is a winning combination. Listen and be blessed, and remember I told you so. I love Joy Hill, and you will too.”

Kirk Franklin – “With her melodious voice, passion, and innocence, Joy Hill’s music will definitely reach those that are searching for the truth.”

Israel Houghton – ” Joy Hill has the ability to summon Heaven, and the rare character to accompany the gift. Her gift is so wonderfully diverse,  and her heart for worship is at the vanguard level.”

Bishop T.D.  Jakes – ” Joy Hill is an extremely gifted singer who sings the songs that make your spirit soar, and heals your broken places. She is a gift to our church and to the body of Christ in general.”

Grammy-award winning artists, Gospel music luminaries, pastors and members of great churches around the country all have the same feeling – Joy Hill is one of the most powerful vocalists to hit the music scene. With the release of her new EP, “Be Still”, Joy is on a mission to help others experience the power of resting in God’s presence.


Born to missionary parents on the island of St. Kitts, Joy found her voice at the tender age of three. Although she was born into the Caribbean culture of Reggae and Calypso, Joy’s parents made sure she was exposed to a world of varied musical styles and genres. When Joy was 7 years old, her family relocated to Boston, MA,  where her parents pastored an inner-city church that focussed on evangelism and deliverance. It was under this ministry where Joy developed a passion to win souls for Christ, and to lead people into God’s presence through praise and worship.


Joy has had many opportunities to lead thousands of people around the world, in powerful worship experiences. She was one of the premier worship leaders at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, where Bishop T.D. Jakes is the founder and pastor. Joy has led worship at several of the Woman Thou Art Loosed and MegaFest conferences, and she has also ministered internationally in countries such as the Bahamas, the Ukraine, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Her unique sound has also enabled her to tour and record with some of the most significant names in Gospel music such as Israel Houghton and Kirk Franklin. In addition, Joy has been a featured soloist on several of Bishop Jakes’ recordings, including the Woman Thou Art Loosed 2011 Live recording, where she wrote and led the song “Who You Are”.

Joy has also been a frequent featured guest on TBN’s” Praise the Lord Show”, as well as “Unfolding Majesty” with Dean and Mary Brown, and she is the voice and author for the “Paula White Today” and “The Higher Level” (The Potter’s House of Denver) television show theme songs.

Joy’s latest solo project (“Be Still”), was created with a purpose…to save lives. She is partnering with Pearl Alliance, an international organization, that rescues women and children from the exploitation of human trafficking.


While Joy is an anointed singer, worship leader, speaker, songwriter, recording artist, and producer, her most fulfilling accomplishments have been her role as a wife and mother. She is the devoted wife of Rev. Dr. E. Christopher Hill (senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Denver), and she is also the proud mother of two sons, Christopher Jr., and Jonathon.



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