Michael Wunsch

Michael Wunsch is CEO / founder of Outpost Worldwide, Inc.


Michael is a co-owner and founder of Outpost Worldwide, and has extensive experience in the television industry as a director and filmmaker. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Michael has worked on literally hundreds of videos, commercials, and long-form documentaries. Within recent years, projects include producing services for the film Last Ounce of Courage, and directing duties on An Unfair Advantage, Father and Son and co-director for the Wolrd War II series, Let Freedom Ring. Michael’s production experience has taken him to every continent except Antarctica. He is actively involved in the hands-on creative aspects of production as well as the creative aspects of the ‘business side,’ helping to create distribution deals and co-productions with strategic production associates throughout the United States.

different kind of content production company.
Based in the epicenter of the USA, Outpost Worldwide is equal distance to either coast. With our operations in Kansas City within the shadows of the Hallmark empire and AMC Theaters headquarters we are in very good company. In fact, Kansas City is one of the best kept cultural and business secrets on the continent and drives a thriving arts, music and entertainment industry. Google has chosen Kansas City as the premiere global launch site of their super high speed digital pipeline that will be a catalyst for even more content creation and delivery.
Through good fortune and years of hard work, we cut our network programming teeth providing large scale below the line technical production services for hundreds of hours of programming for companies such as Fremantle, Turner, Univision, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Dish Network and more. This has equipped us with a fleet of cameras, lighting and grip, post production, and much more to invest in our own creative content and program endeavors. We maintain in house studio operations for driving ideas and concepts to take to the networks.We actively engage in co-production relationships with writers, producers, and friends throughout the world. Our core group of producers and storytellers are backed by a post production team to make our content. Out of house, we have an open mind, a loyal network of industry friends, and the drive to work hard, collaborate, and create breakthrough programming!Our content endeavors have taken us to every continent except Antarctica. With the world as our location, we have engaged in many many fascinating stories. We are constantly in development on a wide range of engaging topics from high stakes adventure, to untold sports history, intense societal issues, and fascinating travel, art, education, and science. Thinking outside the box of typical scripted reality we realize this world provides an endless resource of great moving stories. And you don’t have to make it up.
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