Creative Soul Productions

Creative Soul Productions is a Nashville, TN based Christian music production company. 


We have over 20 years of experience in helping Christian artists produce great sounding albums, songs, and arrangements, as well as finding their true potential, calling, and the right course for their music ministry.

We’re experienced with client needs, working on a deadline, fixing problems, and providing services like MP3 demos and overnight approvals.

Our producers are not just studio engineers, but amazing songwriters, arrangers, and consultants, who can help guide your project and career as you seek to grow to a new level of music and ministry.

We have the top Christian producers, musicians, studios, and engineers in Nashville to give you a unique sound that defines your music and ministry including Billy SmileyPhil Naish and Jonathan Crone. Don’t be fooled by the myth that because you are coming to Nashville that you will have the “Nashville” or “CCM” sound. That’s where Creative Soul and YOU come in, taking the best team in the world and creating something new and different.

Not Just a Studio

We are a full development and production company, meaning we work with artists from conceiving the songs and direction of the music, through recording, mix and master, graphic and web design, and even duplication in some cases.

An Award-Winning Producer


We start every project by introducing the artist to the exact right producer for them both in style and in personality. Our producers have worked with many well-known and successful Christian artists in the industry through the years, and they bring all that experience and professionalism to your project.


The first step in any album project is great songs. Let that sink in. Great songs. This is the first place we step things up. Maybe you have written them already, or maybe we need to co-write them, or find you songs. But the songs need to be a step up from anything you have done.

We’ll usually get together at the studio, and just spend a day or two pouring over the songs, the reasons you want to sing them, how the arrangements should flow, and what kind of musicians we will need for them.

This is an important time, and we are after original, high-quality songs that come from your heart.



Then it’s time for the tracking sessions.

We start by getting the musicians scheduled. Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, and Bass will be the foundation of the record, and the players here in Nashville are quite frankly the best Christian session musicians in the world.

And besides being great players, they have incredible ideas for the songs and arrangements, and many times we’ll leave the studio with much more than even we planned in pre-production.

We are also careful to hire a great lead engineer, and pick the right studio rooms to record in. Again, we don’t cut corners here. A quality engineer adds experience and makes sure every note played by these fine artisans gets recorded right. And the studios we work at are among the best in the business. (pictured: Sound Kitchen, E Room, Franklin, TN)

Overdubs & Vocals


Then, after we add other overdubs such as keyboards, orchestration, background vocals, and any other needed elements, it’s time for the artist to sing.

This is another area in which we add quality. Most likely, in your previous recording projects, someone directed you to a booth, pressed Record, and pointed your way. Our approach is a bit different.

We need the absolute best vocal we can get from you. And this means working with you on how to sing notes, phrases, and licks. It also may mean bringing in a vocal coach or arranger to work with us. Finally, we carefully tune and perfect the vocal performance to make sure we have the best vocal track we can have.

Many vocalists like this to be a separate trip, so you can have time at home with the studio tracks to get your performance down. This is totally up to you. This is also usually the time we have the photo shoot for the album design and web site.


Once all parts are recorded, we begin the mix.

Again, a very important part of the quality issue. We use award-winning engineers that have been part of many large Christian label projects, and that are selected especially for your mix because of what they bring to the table. Not just the same old crew that does every record.

Then when mixes are approved, it’s time to get the mixes mastered, graphics ready and then off to duplication. Usually 1,000 CDs are made on most projects to start, unless there are distribution issues and more than 1,000 will be needed. You are the complete owner of the CD master.

Creative Soul, in association with Word Entertainment


(What does it mean?)

When we approached Word Entertainment about the work we were doing, we were very transparent. Our goals have always been to provide true artist development, amazing music production, and opportunity to Christian artists and songwriters. But the one problem we faced was legitimacy.

But we knew that if the right label could see the potential in growing new ministries and the great need for a quality service company to serve these artists and songwriters, we could become partners together in helping ministries grow. From the top down since we began talking with them, Word has been excited about what Creative Soul is doing.

“I’ve known Eric for quite awhile, and have seen his continued heart and soul for the working music artist and ministry. At Word, we are always wanting to monitor new trends, sounds, artists, and ministries for what may grow God’s Kingdom. Since we know Creative Soul and the quality they bring to every project, we see this relationship as a way to keep apprised of new talent and original ministries we might be able to be part of.” – Josh Bailey, Sr. Vice President of A&R, Word Entertainment.

OK, But What Does it Mean for Creative Soul Artists?

csword_prWell, it means that every Creative Soul project will be seen by the head of A&R of Word Records once it goes completely through our process and is ready for the world. We’ve even had an artist be invited to the Music Row offices for an initial meeting already. It also means that Creative Soul artists may have the chance to open for Word artists in their area. And we are working on more opportunities that we can offer artists together.

Most importantly, the legitimacy of being connected with Word Records cannot be undervalued. At radio, in publicity, in marketing, or just a pastor or fan who sees the Creative Soul logo and the information of our connection to Word Records, one of the giants in the Christian music industry; it’s an association of quality and professionalism.

For more information or to get started on a project with Creative Soul, contact us here and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or send you more free information.

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Why We’re Different

You’re reading this for two reasons.

You Need a Competitive Product

ashleycover300You know you need a new music product and are looking at us as a production team because of our quality and results, or you are a new artist (or starting again) and need someone to help you grow and develop in the artist you feel called to be.

Well, song development, music production, and design that competes with the Christian labels is our business, but in doing this work for 20 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of artists, helped them grow, know what pitfalls and problems they’ve encountered, and have developed strategies and ideas to help them succeed.

After all, the purpose of the recording is to extend the ministry you provide in concert. People will be further blessed and ministered to in their cars, at home, and anywhere they choose to listen.


So, when we meet and work with Christian music artists, we don’t just set up microphones and say go. We help artists define their ministry. We work on songs with the artist to strengthen the message. We bring in the top Christian engineers, musicians, and singers whose talent will not only move you musically, but whose heart and personal testimony will give you new insight into your own ministry. We use our broad design and interactive experience to help give you a graphic identity that will complement and take your music farther.

Most of all, at every lunch, every email, every phone conversation, there will be new information to share. From seminars to web sites, from contests to performance opportunities, from radio successes to distribution possibilities. There’s always something new that another artist or experience brings to the table, that all our artists can benefit from.

EH-TRmBut wait, there’s more…

Creative Soul is more than just the music. Sure we can even provide you great songs and arrangements, but our history in professional Christian recording projects has taught us how to best complete and promote a music product.

We know how to design an attractive commercial design for your product. We work with incredible photographers, graphic artists, and web designers that give you results that get noticed by industry people, and your audience.

We’ve been through the process of final mastering and duplication many, many times. We know our engineers, duplication reps, and production people as personal friends.

Simply put, we’re not sure there is another company doing what we do from start to finish (if there is a finish), besides possibly a fully run record company.

Beyond the recording…

But here’s the part artists like most. After the recording is finished and the CDs have arrived, we’re still here for you. You have a partner in your ministry, and that is producer Eric Copeland and Creative Soul.

How great is it, that you can stay connected with someone professional, and not be alone in your ministry?

We’re proud to be a part of many ministries, and we’re happy to support and help develop those ministries through the years, instead of just cranking a product out and waving good-bye.

So, that’s why Creative Soul is a little different than just recording at a studio.

What is Creative Soul Records?

We’re a thriving alternate reality version of a record label outside Nashville, TN. We work with Christian artists helping them find themselves, their ministry, and success with the talents God gave them.

Making stuff happen for Christian music ministries, and helping artists get busy!
General Information
Creative Soul is a true artist development label. Our mission is help artists grow from where they are to where God has for them to go. Our goal isn’t the most CDs sold, but helping artists achieve years of real artistic, financial, and ministry success, while maturing into a long term music ministry.If you haven’t heard about us, it’s not surprising. But our Christian music artists have been impacting the US and the world for over 15 years. We’ve helped artists from just about every state in the US, as well as from countries around the world develop the talents God gave them, produce quality products for them, and have helped them reach a larger stage to continue their ministry.Creative Soul artists have sold over 50,000 albums, achieve radio and distribution throughout the US and the world, and our artists routinely minister to over 1000 audiences every year. They are connected, downloadable, and marketed inventively.In this day of change inside the music industry, we hope to continue to offer the same unique brand we always have: God-inspired ministries, with incredible quality products, reaching the world with a creative vision.We invite you to talk to us. Find out more. Join the team. Be our friend.

NEWS SOURCE: Nashville Publicity
October 2, 2012

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — Since 1997, Creative Soul Records has been helping Christian artists from around the world develop their music, build strong ministries and produce amazing recordings. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the label is proud to announce the upcoming album release, We Are Creative Soul – a collaboration of 15 artists that have trusted Creative Soul to help shape their careers. The album will be released on February 5, 2013.

The project will be produced by Creative Soul Founder and President, Eric Copeland, and Grammy and Dove Award winning producer, Phil Naish (Steven Curtis Chapman, Point of Grace, Jaci Velasquez). Over the past decade and half, Creative Soul has consistently provided artists with the top session players and engineers in the Christian music industry. As part of their ongoing evolution, they are now bringing in additional producers in order to serve more artists.

“We’re thrilled to be working with new producers like Phil Naish,” says Copeland. “We live in a new world of music ministry and are positioning Creative Soul Records to be the bridge for artists to a new music business. We’re developing artists in Nashville, and helping them to the one thing they want more than anything else: the opportunity to get busy with their music and ministry.”

We Are Creative Soul will feature all new tracks by some of the best independent artists in Christian music today. Featured on the project are Zach Allen, Stephen Bautista, Cedars Gray, Angela Donadio, Belinda Jane, Frances Drost, Eternity Focus, Adriam Lobaina, Leslie McKee, Stephanie Newton, Jeannette Petkau, Michelle Ruben, Trish Torline, Mike Westendorf and Samuel Wilson.

“We feel that this album is both a thank you to our artists for letting us serve them all these years, as well as the start of a new chapter for our company,” adds Copeland.


For more information on Creative Soul Records, visit For more information on Creative Soul development programs for new artists, visit

Check out our artists here and get a
sense of who we are and what we do…

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