Jeanne Marie

Jeanne Marie is a singer of contemporary Christian music.


“Everyday I use music to deliver the Gospel & God’s word.”

“I have a passion for music and serving the Lord, and felt the call to combine them! I am working on my first self titled album “Jeanne Marie” and can’t wait to share it with everyone”! – Jeanne Marie

Jeanne’s understanding of today’s culture is solid! She is convinced of what God has called her to do and that’s awesome because she’s gifted to do it! Her voice is carved out by the Father to be one for this generation. After one conversation with Jeanne you’ll begin wondering how you can bring her gift to your church or ministry. Our youth are crying out today for someone who understands where they are and what they need. They’ve heard enough sermons to last a lifetime but they remain unreached. Our Lord in His mercy is raising up laborers who “turn back and strengthen their brother” Jeanne has a call of God on her life and she’s walking in her destiny! I can’t say enough about how it feels to hear my kids singing the lyrics from Jeanne’s songs…they want to be like Jeanne…I’m so glad Jeanne wants to be like Christ!”

Meeke Addison – Radio/TV Personality Host of “Meeke” on CTN/AFA
Tupelo, MS
“Jeanne Marie has a message that is relevant and timely for the body of Christ. She is anointed and professional in her delivery of the God-given gifts. She not only sang, but ministered the Word of God to the women and teens at the conference. She is a woman of God in every way and a good example for young women to follow.”

Renee Furgeson – Youth Pastor, New Life Church
Raleigh, NC

“At our recent event Celebrate Me in The Woodlands Texas Jeanne Marie shared God’s love through her music ministry. Her words and lyrics illustrated feelings that teens can identify with and helped to bring hope. We could truly see God moving through her powerful message. It was a blessing to have Jeanne Marie a part of Celebrate Me 2012!”

Grace Ono – Youth Director, The Woodlands United Methodist Church
The Woodlands, TX


“We had the pleasure of having Jeanne on our show KRAZE and we were all so impressed with not just her voice and talent but also the message in her songs, we also reviewed her album (Destiny) and I can say with confident that it is gold. I highly recommend this album.”

Marty Jean-Louis – President, My Christian Films
Orlando, FL

“Jeanne is one of the most exciting Female Christian Singers out there. Her incredible ability both minister through music and speak make her unique. In fact, My daughter asks me to play Jeanne’s album “Destiny” every night before she goes to sleep. I am happy that my daughter is being fed biblically solid, Christ centered messages in music that she enjoys. Again, Jeanne Marie is a Christian Artist with the ability to speak and sing to young people and adults. I would recommend her to any Church, School or Conference that’s looking for a God fearing, intelligent woman that can sing and deliver an unforgettable message.”

Keith Deltano – International Youth Speaker & Christian Comedian
Raleigh, NC

Born March 30th Raised in West Chester, PA a suburb of Philadelphia, music has always been a love of mine from a very early age. When I fell in love with Jesus Christ at the age of 12, I realized I could use my voice to worship Him. So by the age of 15 I began singing in church, and my dreams started becoming a reality. Between church and my high school choir there was a lot performing and times of worship in song. From early on in my high school years I felt the call of God on my life, telling me to serve in the inner city. I was blessed to have served for five years. As I grew, my dreams and goals became clear: I can use my music to reach the people I feel God is leading me to reach! In March of 2008 I began the journey I believe the Lord had destined for me. I believe that through this album God wants me to continue my mission’s work by reaching the lost and letting the light of Jesus shine through me.

…my dreams and goals became clear: “I can use my music to reach the people I feel God is telling me to reach”.


Jeanne Marie is a Christian recording artist who uses music to bring the message of the Gospel and God’s Word to minister to our young people, so that they might be positively influenced, to be set apart in their faith, and to live a life that reflects Jesus Christ. After serving five years in inner-city missions she had seen the pain, struggles, and trials that these precious children of God where living. Jeanne notes, “One of their escapes from their life is music. I decided to collaborate with three other songwriters. As I began to share my stories, my passions and the burden that God had laid on my heart, along with my desire to reach these young people and others with the love and forgiving grace of our Lord and Savior – by the grace of God this album was made. My hope is that through it I can reveal God’s love and His purpose for our lives.


With the creative gifts of an incredible producer Krunti Hester (my husband) we knew we needed push the envelope a bit and create contemporary Christian music that speaks truth from the scriptures, with an edgy flavor that will be listened too over and over again.

Through our Christ-centered music we are praying that many will be reached and our hope is that Christian music stations around the country will catch the vision that God has given us.” “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. Rom 10:17




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