Kristyn Leigh

Kristyn Leigh is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


Kristyn Leigh is a Christian singer and songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky who has been ministering to audiences around the United States since she was 16 years old.

Her newest release on Creative Soul Records “Somebody Save” is a collection of songs written completely by Kristyn for the very first time.

“I’m so excited about this project because I decided to really explore what God was telling me to write,” she says. “These songs are very personal to me, and I feel I have some great messages to bring to my fans and audiences everywhere.”

It was evident to everyone around her that, even at a young age, Kristyn had a powerful voice. But in high school, she began to explore a different musical road –a road that didn’t mean singing at church or singing in a rock band – but a mixture of both.

“There’s two sides of me, the heavy, and the holy.”

Kristyn Leigh (Pronounced “Lee”) is hard to define. On one hand, she’s a beautiful 24-year-old, raised in a loving home and church, who sings worshipful contemporary songs and hymns for the Lord. But she also has a heart to sing to the kids of her generation, exploring relevant issues with her lyrics using music that pushes the boundaries of rock, alternative and even pop-punk.

“I know it may be hard, sometimes even loud, but in the ears of God It might be a holy sound,” she says.

She began working with veteran producer Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records. She recorded her first CD, Glimpse, and appeared in over a hundred concerts at churches, festivals, conferences, teen centers and other venues. Kristyn began to see where she fit into the scheme of things. And it was, she admits, pretty out of the ordinary.


“I have always been different,” Kristyn says. “I love to sing the old hymns of the church, but at the same time I love to rock out wearing a long pink skirt. I finally realized that is exactly what God wants me to do. He wants my praise, but at the same time He wants me to take his message of love to a hurting world of people. And He wants me to do that being myself.”

“Invisible” is a rock ballad that explores the feeling of being unnoticed, but ultimately looking to God for affirmation. “What I Didn’t Say” is a poignant pop song that tells the true story of a friend of Kristyns who died in an accident before Kristyn had the chance to share Jesus with her.

Kristyn also ventures into punk-pop with “Pent Up, offering an anthem for all those who try to voice their own views. “I wanted to sing a song that said, ‘Don’t tell me I’m wrong, just because my style or message isn’t the one you feel is correct,” Kristyn says. “I know teens feel that sometimes they are told what to think and how to act, but I have my own style and my own message that God gave me that I want to get out to the world!”

The CD also highlights Kristyn’s elegant voice with orchestral arrangements, including a soul-wrenching rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross, and the powerful orchestral rock ballad “Glimpse.

Despite comparisons to the orchestrated rock of Evanescence, the in-your-face energy of Avril Lavigne, and the soaring vocal prowess of Crystal Lewis, Kristyn doesn’t even try to pretend she is like any other artist, Christian or secular. It could be rock or punk, or classic hymns and ballads, but she’d rather just refer to what she does as reaching a diverse audience.

As the title song suggests, it can be Heavy or Holy, but ultimately, its just what Kristyn believes God has put in her heart. “I know it’s different, but that’s just the way He made me to be.

With her sophomore release, “The Heavy and the Holy”, Kristyn continued her ministry reaching out to teens with songs like “Bulletproof Girl,” “Invisible”, and “Pent Up”. The CD also highlights Kristyn’s elegant voice with orchestral arrangements, including a soul-wrenching rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross,” and the powerful orchestral rock ballad “Glimpse.”

Now Kristyn is older, a college graduate and has started a career in Music Therapy. But her passion is singing, and her calling is ministry.


“The song “Somebody Save” really talks about getting the word to people who may not hear it, and that’s always been my goal with my music ministry, and many of the songs on this album have that same strong outreach message. We have to reach out to youth and those who need the Word and offer them a hand, or word that may bring them back to Jesus.”


Again for this album, Kristyn has paired with producer Eric Copeland and Creative Soul Records in Nashville, TN to get the music out to the world.



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