Lisa Easton

Lisa Easton is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian / Gospel music. 


Lisa Easton is passionate and devoted lover of Christ! She lives to worship Him! One of the greatest desires of her heart is to see lives radically changed and people set free as they encounter God in worship. Lisa Easton is a passionate and devoted lover of Christ! She lives to worship Him! One of the greatest desires of her heart is to see lives radically changed and people set free as they encounter God in worship. Lisa is a powerful, compassionate worship leader that has an anointing to lead people into a supernatural encounter with God. Those who are in a worship experience, led by Lisa, will be inspired by her obvious and uncontainable love to worship God. Lisa loves to travel to different churches and conferences to share her gift of worship with others. Lisa is currently the worship leader for The Factory Church in Woodstock, GA. She also has her own YouTube talk show called Amazing People with Lisa Easton. Amazing People is a platform for everyday people who are leading amazing lives. Each story is both unique and amazing. These Amazing People truly inspire others to have hope and to help their fellow man. Lisa is really passionate about sharing these stories and would love for you and your friends to subscribe to the Lisa Easton YouTube channel.

If you would like to learn more, please visit To keep up with current events, you can follow @lisameaston on twitter and become a fan of Lisa Easton Music on Facebook. You can purchase her album, “Last Cry”, on ITunes, Amazon, and CD Baby! Remember to subscribe to the Lisa Easton YouTube channel to follow Lisa’s journey. For an added bonus you can subscribe to the Lisa Easton Music YouTube channel as well!

As the youngest of six kids, and the daughter of a preacher, Lisa Easton found her love for music very early on. Having come from a musical family (where everyone sings and plays an instrument) it was inevitable that she would follow in the footsteps of her older siblings. As Lisa grew up, she realized God had given her something very special… a voice to sing. At the age of 4, Lisa began quietly exploring her voice, by listening to her older sisters’ practice, while forming harmony parts in her head. By the age of 8, she knew there was something special about her ability to hear parts and sing on perfect pitch.

le4In her late teens, Lisa began doing voice-overs, jingles and radio commercials. She was recognized as a major voice-over and singing talent. Lisa supported the promotion and advertisement of many reputable companies and events. As a result of having a fresh voice that stood out, Lisa was highly recommended in the industry.

As Lisa continued pursuing a musical career; she had the incredible experience of meeting one of music’s greatest singers, producers, and song writers, Wyclef-Jean. He described her voice as one of the greatest in the industry today and told Lisa that: “she had the voice of an angel”.

Lisa has been featured on various albums and is proud to have released her solo, debut album “Last Cry” in September of 2011. This album was written and inspired by Lisa’s journey through life. She invites us into her experiences through the diverse melodies and lyrical intention. Not only does this album offer hope to women and girls (that experience various struggles), it covers musical styles that appeal to everyone.

le5As God often does, he used some difficult times in Lisa’s life to grab her attention. She began seeking out the heart of God and working through wounds of the past. Through much prayer to find healing and forgiveness for the things she experienced, Lisa felt called to ministry. She has specifically felt a greater call to lead people into the presence of God through worship. She is now working with women to find forgiveness and healing in their lives. Lisa counsels hurting women. She also founded a non-profit organization in 2010 called Women Who Walk. This organization’s primary purpose is to support and walk with women and children in need.

For the past eight years, Lisa has been a worship leader at her church. She continues to receive invitations to lead worship at churches, conferences, and retreats. Lisa is now married and has four beautiful children of whom she is most proud.

Lisa’s voice speaks for itself, but there is something much greater. That something is the gift God has given her, to minister and lead people into his presence, through worship. Lisa often says I don’t just want to be another voice. There is a special anointing on Lisa to capture the hearts of people (as she leans into God’s promptings) through the Holy Spirit. Lisa is simply a vessel that allows God to move in all of his awesome power.

le3Although there are many great voices, there is a calling that rests on Lisa Easton. Lives are radically changed when she sings and ministers. Lisa is a champion in worship leading. God has moved her into this season to renew hearts all over the world through worship. Lisa believes we should worship God as if he were standing right in front of us. This is the passion behind her worship.
All of the events of Lisa’s life have led her to desire (more than ever) God’s presence. She will use her life to minister to people all over the world as God allows. The confirmations of her childhood dreams and anticipations have been numerous throughout her life. She is now walking a path strategically paved for her. Her journey has just begun………

So Divine Magazine Interview..


Happily married for over 17 years, four beautiful children, and a background that’s rooted in ministry. An ideal life to say the least. Or so it seems. It wasn’t always like this, in fact, Lisa Easton’s life was far from perfect. But God is faithful, and she learned that when she realized she had a choice. Lisa gave her problems one last cry, and made the choice to become the chosen winner that she knew God intended for her to be.

Shenelle Wallace: You grew up in a Christian household where your mom was a minister. Looking from the outside in, that seems like the ideal family. But I learned that you left home when you were only fourteen.

Lisa Easton: My mom actually passed when I was 12, and by the time I was 14 my dad was never home and I was pretty much always by myself. I did not feel loved, I did not feel wanted and pretty much felt abandoned by my father. So I decided that I was just going to leave and move in with friends. I left when I was 14 years old and lived with several different people and went to four different high schools and barely made it through school. I was in search of the love of a mother, but was looking for it in all the wrong places. So that of course led me down the bitter hard path that I chose.

Shenelle Wallace: Was your dad in ministry also? Or was it just your mother?

Lisa Easton: No, he wasn’t in ministry, but he was always by my mother’s side in ministry.

Shenelle Wallace: Being through so much at such a young age, and seeing where you are now, what made you hold on to God knowing how rough the past was? Lisa Easton: You know, I really, really believe that it has a lot to do with my mother. She was extremely spiritual and a very Godly woman and had always disciplined us to have a relationship with God on our own. We were required to have devotion and prayer and to spend time with God. Although I strayed away from it, the foundation was always there. So I really believe that that’s what caused me to come back. Just having the word in my life from so young, knowing the word of God, and spending time in prayer was huge for me. That’s what caused me to be able to make it through everything and turn around and love God the way I do.

Shenelle Wallace: Was there a transition period? What was that like?


Lisa Easton: Definitely. It was when I turned 17/18 years old when I got into a relationship with a man and had a child. I realized at that point, what I thought he had to offer was really what I was looking for all along in God. That’s really what I wanted, the love of God. Once I had my child it really forced me to slow down and I was able to reflect and do self analysis and seek the heart of God for myself. That was the transition point for me.

Shenelle Wallace: Moving forward in life while dealing with old wounds when they begin to surface can keep you from pursuing the next level in God., and that is something that was presented by you to your audience. What did it take for you personally to push forward past the memories of what you’ve been through and continue on?

Lisa Easton: It took years. Years of taking counsel, mentorship, and accountability through several different people, through pastors, and friends. It was just a pursuit on my part knowing that God had something better for me and that there was a calling on my life. And if I didn’t, believe God had something better, knowing my past, I could never move forward into what He had for me. But it took work. I was spending time with God and choosing a team of people around me to support me, to encourage me, and also to hold me accountable so that I am staying on the right path. God didn’t create us to do life alone. He created us to go through life together. You have to surround yourself with Godly people who can help you and who can encourage you.

Shenelle Wallace: A part of your purpose, you’ve mentioned, is that you are called to help women. Years later, you are now the founder of an organization for women called “Women Who Walk”. How did the vision for that come about?

Lisa Easton: In 2008 I went to a youth conference that was incredible and at that conference we were asked to journal what we heard God saying to us that weekend. I heard Women Who Walk and I just wrote it down in my journal. I had no idea why, what it meant, or how it was going to look. Several years later, in 2010 God allowed me to be launched into ministry, and from that Women Who Walks developed. What we do is support women and children in need. When I was broken, wounded, and in pain, I went to someone and they helped me. Now I need to do the same thing. I started counseling women on my own time, and Women Who Walk started to developed and take on a life of its own. We’ve had women’s conferences and worked with a lot of women’s shelters and just supporting women and children in need wherever they are. That’s the purpose of our ministry.

Shenelle Wallace: I was listening to one of your videos and you stated that people who are dealing with issues tend to think it’s just them. What is your message to those who may feel like that?


Lisa Easton: My message is that you have a choice to make. I do not think by any means that God limited us when He gave us choice. We can either choose to live right where we are and stay stuck in our mess or we can choose to come out of it. The reason why I can say that is because I did it. So I know. I was choosing to live in my wounds. I was choosing to live in my pain and in my hurt. I chose it for many years. And then when I chose the other way, it was like, oh my gosh, all I had to do was just make a choice and I could come out of it? And so my message is that you just have to choose what type of life you want and then you have to trust God that He will get you there. If you spend time with him and you trust him and you pray and do the things you need to do God will take care of the rest. If you want to walk in the will of God choose it. If you don’t, then choose to stay where you are.

Shenelle Wallace: The title of your Album is called “Last Cry”. What was your last cry?

Lisa Easton: The title really is titled that for a reason. The single off of the album is Last Cry also. Maybe about a year and a half ago, I made a choice that I was not going to settle for less than what God had for me. I was going to cry my last cry, moving forward and not going back to same thing that keep me down and hurt me. I just wasn’t going to go back anymore. I believed that He said it and that he was going to do it.

Shenelle Wallace: What influences did you draw from to get inspiration for this project?

Lisa Easton: Well I listen to everything, old school, rock, Kim Walker, Whitney Houston, just to name a few.

Shenelle Wallace: There’s a song on the album entitled Chosen Winner. Usually when we are going through, all we can think of is defeat. How did you recognize that you were a chosen winner?

Lisa Easton: I don’t know that it was so much my recognition as it was God lining things up for me as I surrendered. I would surrender certain things to Him, and He would give me substantial evidence that I am chosen. So I said okay, I believe that. So every time He opened a door I stepped in it. I went a little bit further, and He opened another door and I stepped in it. I think that we all have the ability to choose whether we’re going to believe all that He has for us or not. That’s really what I think it is. I don’t think that its God going, ‘Yeah well, I’ll give it to some and not to others.’ Your life may look different, but I think that He has great things for His children. It’s a matter of believing that you are chosen. And I just decided that I’m going to believe that I was chosen, and going to believe that I’m going to live the best life I could possibly live. I want to live my life to the fullest. I think Christians sometimes have an issue with that. They think that we shouldn’t be having fun or living that life where you’re experiencing and incredible amazing things. Whether that’s financial abundance, I know that I would want my child to have the best life they possibly can and I could not imagine that God wouldn’t have that for us as his children.

Shenelle Wallace: You take great pride in being a worshipper and said that when you worship, you’re worshipping as if you were standing before Christ, as if he were in front of you in the flesh. That’s pretty powerful.

Lisa Easton: Worship for me is so deep rooted, because that’s all I’ve known my whole life. Ever since I was little worship was a big part of my life. For some, worship is what they encounter when they get to church. But for me, I try my best to live a lifestyle of worship. When I worship I really do envision that he is standing right in front of me and I want to give him my very, very best. I don’t ever want him to walk away from my worship personally and be disappointed in me. That’s how I try to enter into worship. What do I have to give Him, not what does he Have to give me, but what I have to offer him. It’s not just 6 o’clock in the morning for 30 minutes. It’s a lifestyle. It has to be.

Shenelle Wallace: Now that the album is complete and released, what is your hope for it?

Lisa Eason: When I started this album, I thought of hurting people. What I am hoping is that in the process of listening to the album they begin feeling like they can overcome. They can do this! They can fight and win this war. If I can do it, they can too.

Shenelle Wallace: You said that your album tells your story. How would you sum up your story?

Lisa Easton: I would have to sum it up in one word, and that’s overcoming. If you know my story, you know that I’ve overcome a lot of things. Not just overcoming to survive, but overcoming to thrive in life.



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