The Jason Watson Band

The Jason Watson Band are musicians, singers-songwriters of contemporary Christian music.


Jason Watson’s mission statement says it best. His passion is “…to make Jesus real to both believers and non-believers, to revitalize & unify the church, & to ‘rock out’ while worshiping our amazing God.” At its core, Jason senses his calling is to take the church outside of itself, getting down and dirty with those that are truly lost. By removing the barriers that Christians often use to separate themselves from each other, Jason encourages the church to unify under one compassionate, almighty God for the good of those who desperately need to hear of His love. The heart of this rocker beats for no other mission.

Jason was honored with the KCCM 2008 Live Performer of the Year Award and has received radio airplay on 60 stations across Canada.

Jason shares his thoughts about his calling. “Christ said we are to take up our cross and follow Him. This is a sacrifice. With my family’s encouragement, I am making the appropriate sacrifices for the ministry I’m called to do. If we are all called to be more Christ-like, then we’re not called to ‘play it safe’. We’re called to step out in faith and trust that God will lead the way. There are so many in this world that are counting on it.”

His new song, “Step Into the Light”, was released to radio in May 2009 and has received tremendous response hitting #1 on CRW’s Global Rock Chart as well as Top 10 for Global AC and CHR while getting airplay on near 100 stations nationwide and throughout the world. His second release, “I Am Here”, is set to hit radio in August 2009.

Yes, Jason knows what it means to be incredibly busy, but he also keeps his calling at the forefront of his mind. Jason continues, “With a wife and two kids, there is a lot to balance. However, I’m blessed to have an incredible wife who believes in me and my God-given call, and my kids are my absolute biggest fans. I couldn’t ask for any greater reason to serve.”

Fresh from the studio in Nashville and ready to set his band to touring, there is no doubt that Jason Watson has only just begun. So whether it be on the road or through the airwaves, he’s coming “to a backyard near you”. And when he does, do yourself a favor. Watch and listen!



Jason Watson – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Karin King – Background Vocals
Bill Rexford – Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Tim Heizer – Keyboards, Background Vocals
Brian Watts – Bass
Daniel Torrence – Drums


Album: Step Into the Light
Step Into the Light (radio release 5/11/09)
I Am Here (radio release 8/11/09)
He Chose Me

Album: Flood My Soul
Out On a Limb (radio airplay)
A Change is Coming
Embrace the Life
My Redeemer
Inside Out
Flood My Soul (radio airplay)
Let it Rain
It’s a God Thing
I Am
By the Grace of God (radio airplay)

Official Website


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