AJ Young

AJ Young is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter of several genres including contemporary Christian music.



“So many times I have had the door closed on me, and one thing I’ve learned is if you believe in something to never give up no matter who turns you down. You make your dreams, nobody else can decide If you will be successful or not besides you.” AJ Young

Often Labeled “The Black John Mayer” AJ Young is truly something new and unique. The singer, songwriter, and guitar player has a skill set and sound that is by far the most unique you’ve ever heard.

Since beginning music AJ Young has stood out as something new and never before seen. With a voice that can only be compared to John Mayer, but the appearance associated with T-Pain or Lil Wayne AJ is a working contrast.
Born and Raised in Kansas City Missouri it hasn’t always been easy for AJ. Raised with 3 other siblings including brother and Hip-Hop newcomer AY-MusiK it’s been a difficult road.


From being homeschooled to working hard in construction to fund his dream AJ’s life has shaped his music drastically.
Influences like the The Fray, One republic, Allen Stone, Andy Grammer, Jacks Mannequinn, ColdPlay, and of course the Infamous John Mayer are some of AJ’s largest influences.



AJ Young winner of the “Sing Like John Mayer” contest 2010 (Sponsered by 98.1 KUDL Radio). Nominated by AOV (Artist On Verge) for the year 2011. AJ Young and brother AY-MusiK are also America’s Got Talent Contestants for 2012.

An exceptional Musician at heart AJ plays the Keyboard/Singer-Songwriter, produces, and plays the guitar creating his own music and individual sound that stands out in the industry.

Recently Selected by Ourstage.com (MTV Partner):
Top 10 Pop charts September 2011
Top 40 Cover songs: Janurary 2011, August 2011, September 2011,
Recently Placed 1st in the “MTV Next Movie Review Contest” through Ourstage.com (MTV Partner) for Original Song “For You”






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