Courtney Delaney

Courtney Delaney is the founder and CEO of Outbound Music and a follower of Jesus.


“Any artist can have a reverbnation page, bandcamp page, facebook page, myspace page, CDBaby page…only the BEST artists can have an OutboundMusic page!” – Courtney Delaney

We first conceived of OutboundMusic in the late 1990’s. We found the accepted business models for the music industry quite unappealing for songwriters, recording artists and performers. It was and continues to be our belief that there must be a better way. There is a lot of great music out there, and we believe it is possible for the creators and performers of this music to earn a respectable living from their craft. Making that happen is the ultimate goal of OutboundMusic.

Outbound music
OutboundMusic is currently in phase one of developing a different, more equitable music-business model. This phase focuses on radio promotion of songs and online distribution of music and merchandise, both digital and physical. In the future, we plan to venture into worldwide booking and licensing music for film.

OutboundMusic launched in 2001 with its first website, twelve artists and one streaming radio channel. We currently offer 6 internet radio stations featuring the music of over 1000 artists.


Our playground is located on the great leveling field, the Internet. To music enthusiasts, we offer music that is screened for craftsmanship and content, free Internet Radio, a way to easily purchase our artists’ music (downloads or mail-order) and many other services.

We regard our artists as partners in this business. They share in our advertising revenue, and they receive 85% from sales (we cover credit card processing fees out of our cut).


Outbound Music, internet Radio. All genres. Listen free. Buy songs. Learn about the





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