Jamie Wolf

Jamie Wolf is an award winning musician, singer-songwriter of many genres including contemporary Christian/Inspirational music.


Jamie Wolf is a singer/songwriter who has a heart to see people mobilized to really “love their neighbor as themselves.” Jamie is also an Artist Advocate for Compassion International.  She believes it is one of the most effective ways to change the face of poverty around the world today.  There are many organizations doing this kind of work, but Jamie can share many reasons with you why she chose to not only support, but advocate for this one!

In her basement college room, and almost finished with her music education degree, Jamie started experimenting with songwriting. She felt God’s strong nudging through Psalm 57:7-11 to continue, and right before graduation she won the 2005 National God-Song Songwriting Contest with her song “Father of Lights.” The award enabled her to release her first CD, Radiance, and motivated her to keep developing her craft, and share her music to encourage others.

As a songwriter, Jamie enjoys working broadly and dipping into a range of musical styles (folk, pop, rock, country, etc.). She writes songs for congregational worship, personal reflection, and just for fun!

While in California, Jamie had the privilege of writing songs for her local church, leading worship for a bible study at a homeless shelter, teaching private music lessons, and performing at a variety of venues. With a desire to see the church mobilized to follow Jesus in caring for the lost and least, and having personally experienced God’s work through Compassion International as a sponsor, Jamie applied and was accepted to be an Artist Advocate.

Jamie relocated to Denver in the summer of 2009 with dreams of pursuing music with greater energy and focus. She looks forward to growing as an artist, finding other musicians to collaborate with, and sharing about Compassion International wherever she can.

In 2012, Jamie fundraised over $10,000 to record and produce her second album, New Shoes. The ten original songs on the CD were written by Jamie and three co-writers, Pete Buchwald, Kelly Parks, and Summerlyn Sharpe. The instruments were recorded in Nashville, the tracks were produced by Matt Johnson and KC Leppke, and the album was officially released on January 1, 2013.

Besides singing, Jamie enjoys playing the piano, drums, and guitar. When she’s not making music, you can find her spending time with her husband, enjoying the outdoors, reading a good book, or playing board games.

As a songwriter, Jamie writes music in a variety of genres and loves collaborating with other writers! Jamie is also co-writer of the Katelyn McCarter song “Never Too Late”.

Her current co-writers are
– Summerlyn Sharpe, Nevada (CCM, Worship)
– Pete Buchwald, Colorado (CCM, Worship)
– Kelly Parks, Arkansas (Country, Worship)
– Amy Gass, California (Country)


Please contact Jamie if you’re interested in any of her songs for your church or for a recording project!

Jamie also works as a studio vocalist for songwriters and producers throughout the country and also sings live withThe Rhythm Method at weddings and events around the Denver area.  Comfortable singing many styles as well as creating parts for and singing back-up vocals, you’ll find her quick to learn, flexible, and easy to work with! 

Songwriters & producers Jamie has worked with:
Pete Buchwald  
                        Lee Johnson
~ Donna Valentine                       ~ Jordan Edwards
Chris Blanton                             ~ Andy Flattery
Gregg Shively

Much of Jamie’s music finds its home in the intersection between the realities of her daily life and the challenges of trying to walk with faith.  With an acoustic pop-folk style, her songs are not merely for entertainment or background music, but for pondering and chewing on – inspiring hope and personal reflection.

Jamie is available for house concerts, charity events, church functions, summer concerts, etc.  Interested in booking Jamie for your next event?  Please contact her here!






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