Andre Dos Santos

Andre Dos Santos is CEO of Oliveira Films, a faith based film-making company.


Oliveira Films wants to create films that will educate people on how God is involved in our lives no matter who we are and who we believe.

We are all His children, and He loves us all alike. Through Oliveira Films movies, the viewers will realize who He really is and how we can all find Him.

Andre Dos Santos is the CEO and founder of Oliveira Films. Andre often said that since the beginning of his life he has lived in an action packed dramatic comedy. The various challenges and occurrences throughout his life have molded an intrepid and perspicacious individual fit for the filmmaking world.

Andre Dos Santos has a film education from the Los Angeles Film School that focused on producing and directing film and television. With hands-on experience on every aspect of production, Andre has become a well-rounded individual in the movie-making industry. With a creative and artistic mind conjoined with experience on diverse aspects of life, Andre’s developmental tactics to movies are unique and acute.


Oliveira Films was established in March of 2008 as an independent production company focusing in the creation of music videos, commercials, short films, and feature films of all genres and styles.

In 2010, the company decided to take a more positive approach to filmmaking. Oliveira Films today is a company that stands for a better tomorrow.


Films and television shows produced by the company are entertaining projects meant to inspire, educate, and encourage. The company is currently only involved in the production of faith-based films. God is at the center of all of our projects.


Oliveira Films has been mainly looking into the development of faith based comedies. The company feels like humor combined with solid faith stories have an easier way of being accepted by viewers of all ages.


Ramus Olivae Media is a branch off of Oliveira Films that produces non-faith based films with positive messages and content.



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