Se7en The Poet

Se7en The Poet is an actor, author, emcee, poet, educator and entrepreneur.



“My flow is poetic, so they knockin’ my passion. I dress a little different, so they knockin’ my fashion. I’m HOLLYWOOD, bring the lights, camera, and action”- Se7en

Originating from Houston’s Southside, Se7en’s prominent and prolific voice has established this gifted entertainer as Houston’s Premier Spoken Word Artist. Se7en – Houston’s poetic diamond in the rough – is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University with undergraduate dual degrees in Psychology and Social Work and a Master’s degree in Counseling. Se7en’s phenomenal spoken word talent has taken the world of poetry by storm; “I didn’t choose Poetry,” he explains, “Poetry chose me.” His versatility, humility and fierce stage presence allow him to deliver inspirational pieces like “Love” and “The Jesus Piece” as well as raw, edgy, uncut pieces like “I’ll Do Me” and “Poetry is In” with a dynamic, undeniable flow. Se7en’s groundbreaking debut spoken word album entitled “Make Me Laugh, Make Me Cry”(2005) touches on aspects of life ranging from love at first sight to “Fifty-year anniversary love like Papa loves Grandmamma.” The release of “Make Me Laugh, Make Me Cry” solidified Se7en’s standing as a powerhouse in the spoken word arena. His latest project, “Power in the Word” masterfully illustrates words of redemption, affirmation and inspiration and has been hailed as one of the year’s best spoken word albums and the crowning jewel in his diverse catalogue.


Labeled as a “Fire Poet” in the poetry community, each time Se7en steps onto the stage, he captivates, illuminates, and ignites the mic into a blaze!

Se7en’s outstanding ability as an energetic emcee and captivating spoken word artist has opened many doors of opportunity. He has opened the stage for multi-platinum recording artists, including John Legend, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lyfe, Floetry and Anthony Hamilton, as well as BET’s Platinum Mic Award Winner Rickey Smiley and noted intellectual, Dr. Cornel West. As a result of Se7en’s long-standing relationship with Radio One Houston stations KMJQ (Majic 102), KBXX (97.9 The Box) and KROI (Praise 92.1), he has been commissioned to perform spoken word pieces for special occasions, including tributes to Micheal Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Hurricane Katrina survivors.


He’s toured the country as the Featured Poet in I’m Ready Productions’ hit stage play, “Cheaters” featuring Brian McKnight, Syleena Johnson, James Avery, Carl Payne, and Wendy Robinson. Se7en has also performed on Radio One’s “One Love Gospel Cruise”, the Houston production of Oprah Winfrey presents “The Color Purple” as intermission entertainment, the Houston House of Blues Local Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama and the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) “Education is a Civil Right” conference. Other accolades to Se7en’s credit include The Fountain of Praise Metamorphosis Women’s Conference, Windsor Village UMC Holy Ghost Praise Party, Radio One’s KBXX 97.9 The Box and Houston Department of Health & Human Services’ Hip Hop for HIV Concert 2008.


Se7en’s many accolades include the following honors of appreciation:

“Evening of Excellence with Cornel West” 2007 – Prodigium Media Group, Award of Excellence for Outstanding Performance -“Cheaters” Stageplay 2005 – from I’m Ready Productions, Appreciation – World Aids Day 2007, Outstanding Contribution to the Poetry Community and the Longest Running Poetry Show in Houston – Snow Industries, NAACP Total HIV Wellness Symposium 2008 and Resident Poet award – Awakenings.

Currently, Se7en serves as the proprietor and lead emcee of the longest running open mic poetry set in Houston, Poetry Lounge Sundays at The Shadow Bar. In addition, Se7en performs throughout the city of Houston at many local churches, schools, concerts and special events. Se7en continues to receive a phenomenal response to his poetry and his fan base is ever- increasing. Se7en’s infectious stage presence coupled with his intellect has positioned him to change the way that people experience poetry. “My goal is to bring poetry to the fore of entertainment. I want people to recognize poetry as genre of entertainment that not only stands alone, but stands the test of time.”– Se7en

“I stand-alone in the zone and write a poem in the rain just a pen and idea where the paper won’t get wet And the ink will be afraid to smear…Grinding”



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