Dr. Naima Johnson-Bush

Dr. Naima Johnson-Bush is an author, minister, business owner, singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel / Christian music.



More than a word and a song, Naima has a moving testimony to share with you! With openness and humor Naima uplifts her listeners while sharing with them the power and love of Christ!

“If Ce Ce Winans and Nicole Nordeman were sisters, I’d be the middle child!” -Naima Johnson-Bush

For Booking Contact: Vincent Creative Group, Info@vincentcreativegroup.com

Attempted Suicide at 14, Sexually Assaulted As A Teenager, Told She Wasn’t Good Enough To Sing At 18, Struggled With Eating Disorders In College, Abused by Live In Boyfriend at 22, Saved by Grace at 24, Broken Hearted and Desolate at 30, Fulltime Minister and Recording Artist at 32, Delivered By The Love Of Christ and Set Free Today!

Bridging the gap between Contemporary Christian Music and Urban Gospel, Naima is a dynamic singer, songwriter, educator and author whose thought provoking ministry explores life’s hopes, promises, joy, doubts and disappointments while giving glory and honor to the never failing love of the Savoir. More Than A Word and A Song – The Music of Naima!


A dynamic singer, speaker, educator and author, Dr. Naima Tonya Johnston uses her artistic gifts to communicate the love of Christ across the nation. Engaged in fulltime ministry, Naima travels the country sharing her ministry with churches, religious groups, musical venues, educational institutions and other social and civic organizations. Naima has written and produced her debut album entitled, Everything, and is completing her second CD, This Place. Naima is the author of Called To Sing, 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry, Dr. Nay’s Random Life Lessons, Go With What You Got; Dr Nay’s Dream Development Manual and has acquired numerous fans from ministering and performing in states such as Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Connecticut, Missouri and Indiana.

Currently ministering over 100 dates a year, Naima has been afforded the opportunity to share the stage with great artists such as: Dorinda Clark Cole, Ashley Cleveland, and The Last Poets. Naima serves as a contributing writer for several literary outlets and her piece entitled, “Drowning Is A Terrible Way To Die” is included in, The Sistah’ Faith Anthology, edited by Essence best selling author, Marilyn Griffin.


Originally from New York City, Naima holds a BA in Sociology/Women’s Studies from Ohio Wesleyan University, a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration and a PhD in Educational Foundations from The Ohio State University. A former educator on the college level, her educational expertise includes: Training and Development, Qualitative Research Methodology, Educational Diversity and Inclusion. Naima is the founder of Broken Box Ministries, an organization with a mission to empower people to achieve their God given dreams using the arts and education. Broken Box achieves this through artist development initiatives, artistic evangelism, and creative educational programming.


Naima is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the largest African American women’s organization in the world, Indie Heaven, The Nashville Songwriter’s Association International and ASCAP. Naima attends New Life Outreach Ministries in Fairborn, Ohio. Naima is a licensed minister with Life Fellowship International under Pastor Tim Winton of Noblesville, IN. Naima recently married Minister Jon Eric Bush and lives in Ohio with her husband, their Chihuahua, Bianca Wee Wee Monster, and their Dachshund, Boucho the Moocher. For booking or more information contact Minister Jon Bush at 937-367- 4303 or via email at naimasbrokenbox@yahoo.com.

About Broken Box Ministries

broken box

Mission Statement

Knowing that we have been called and anointed by God, it is our desire to do His will by ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the sacred and creative arts, the spoken and written word, community service, educational interactive experiences and other media outlets. Uplifting the truth of eternal life in Him, sharing the blessed hope of His birth, death, resurrection and return, it is our desire to empower, edify, and encourage the saints of God for service. This mission is extended to reaching the lost through sharing the message of His Word, and assisting the body of Christ in their establishment and development of a deeper relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. Broken Box Ministries is under the spiritual covering of The City of Refuge Christian Church of Ohio, Pastor Tim Winton. http://www.thecityonline.org


To develop and coordinate a Christian arts, entertainment, educational and outreach organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ that includes: training and development division, music and recording division, publishing division, movie development and production division and various philanthropic and public service organizations and entities.

Why the Name Broken Box?

As the Lord began to provide a vision for this ministry, He led Naima to listen to a song entitled Alabaster Box. The song outlines the testimony of the woman who broke an expensive bottle of spikenard over the body of Jesus and then washed His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair (Luke 7: 36 – 50). The two greatest influences on our culture today are education and entertainment, and it is through these mediums that individuals are becoming broken and separated from the Lord. In an effort to counter the negative images and teaching that is occurring in the world today, Broken Box Ministries has been formed. The Broken Box is a symbol of broken lives that only the Lord can restore when we surrender the greatest gift we have to Him – our lives. Using the creative arts, community outreach, social services, as well as educational services and programs we believe that it is the desire of the Lord that we use the our gifts to influence our culture for the cause of Christ. We will pour out our lives, as the woman poured out the spikenard upon Jesus in order to be a living sacrifice to Him and bring the lost into the kingdom of God.

Divisions of Broken Box Ministries

Winsor Educational Services – Providing personal, spiritual, and leadership training and development for colleges, churches and other organizations.

Alabaster Entertainment – Providing social activities and events for the body of Christ, such as Out da’ Box Concert Series. Also provides consulting for new artists who are in the initial stages of building their ministries. Also coordinates: The Network – a group of Artists who exist to support and help each other achieve their ministry goals.

The Music Ministry of Naima – Visit Broken Box Founder and CEO Christian Recording Artist Naima @ http://www.shoutlife.com/Naima

7thirtyseven Music – Broken Box Ministries, independant Christian record label and music publishing company.

7thirtyseven Logos – Broken Box Ministries, in house publishing company. Publisher of: Called To Sing, 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry by Dr. Naima Johnston.

Ce Ce’s Jewels and Gems – The Broken Box Ministries product line, find great gifts at http://www.cafepress.com/brokenboxminis

The BG Foundation – Coordinating several community service, outreach and public education projects.








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