Laurell is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Inspirational / Pop music.



Whether they are broken, battered, or standing perfectly strong, Vancouver’s playful, passionate, pop songstress, LAURELL, has been busy collecting hearts one room at a time. With coy, effortless vocals thrown around sticky, melodic hooks, truth-cut lyrics, and urban-acoustic beats, Laurell has personalized the art of transforming songs into sparklers, burning into audible space a wild, living sound that lights up the air and leaves a lasting memory of it’s imprint.


WINNER of POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Western Canadian Music Awards) and nominated for two Canadian Radio Awards and Pop Artist of the Year (Canadian “INDIES”), Laurell’s cluttered shelf of accolades include TWO top #10 radio singles, winning the Billboard World Song Contest with her title track “Can’t Stop Falling”, being named Bell Mobility’s Indie Artist Search Winner, being crowned “Vancouver Idol” on Canadian Idol, and placing as a top finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.


A profound writer, Laurell’s songs have been featured on MTV’s “The Real World”, NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, CMT’s “Meet The Wilson’s”, and Muchmusic’s “Degrassi” and “Life With Boys”.

With three Canadian tours under her belt, Laurell has also found herself front and centre at Vancouver’s Canada Day Celebration (Canada Place), Surrey’s Fusionfest, and Barrie’s Earth Hour and Waterfront Festivals. The sweet songstress has also showcased her talent at Canadian Music Week and Breakout West as well as performed live on countless radio and TV stations across Canada.


Exhaling after the success of her latest album and regrouping under a new umbrella of creativity, it appears a new corner has been rounded in the artist’s ever-searching quest for growth and inspiration; with so many accomplishments already under her belt, one still can’t help but feel that from what we know of Laurell, this is only just the beginning.



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