John P. Johnson

John P. Johnson is an entrepreneur, producer, singer-songwriter of Gospel / Inspirational music.




To Confusion, Worry, Stress, And Heartache…



As a little boy growing up in a small town in North Carolina, to keep him out of trouble; John’s parents placed him in the music department at his elementary school. excelling rather quickly, his music teacher encouraged his parents to allow him to remain in this area. It would be soon that standing ovations from the audience would be the results at many of his recitals. Later in his Junior and Senior High school years, John won numerous awards in various music competitions. After his high school graduation, having the opportunity to travel, he later moved to New York.

Being a part of conventions, conferences and other church events, John had the privilege of leading God’s people in praise, worship and the spoken word for many years. Ministering in song with Choirs, Ensembles and Solo’s was the place he received the opportunity to publicly express his love to God. Through John’s commitment to God, he has been rewarded with the gift of writing and arranging a collection of his own music.

Now the time has come that God has granted him favor to present this collection of music to you. It is John’s desire that you will be encouraged, strengthened, healed and made whole through his music. To God be ALL Glory.



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