Joe Kendrick

Joe Kendrick is a radio show host, entrepreneur, producer.


“Yours in music”-
Joe Kendrick

Joe Kendrick was born in Jacksonville, Florida while his father was in the Navy, but has lived all but the first two years of his life in North Carolina. His formative years were spent far off in the woods at his family’s home in rural Stanfield, NC. Joe studied Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There,  where he was able to fulfill his dream of being a disc jockey at WXYC, and hasn’t left the airwaves since, volunteering at WNCW soon after graduation.

After living several years and two stints in radio on the coast in Wilmington, Joe was back in western NC where he returned  to volunteering at WNCW while he started his first business, a landscape lighting franchise with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. In 1999, he met his future wife Amy at the Isotope 217 concert at Vincent’s Ear in Asheville, and a year later they wed. The landscape lighting business grew but so did Joe’s presence on the radio, and the desire to follow his heart led him to sell his business in 2006. Soon thereafter, he garnered the morning host slot on WNCW and has been full time in Spindale ever since.

 828-287-800  ext. 1538

Lingua Musica is the first music talk show to bring online viewers into the conversation with a live studio audience.

Lingua Musica focuses on interviews with music artists and professionals, which we post to ourYouTube channel. Conversations typically dwell on music news, history and culture. We use social media like Facebook and twitter to let everyone in our networks know that there’s an interview posted to get attention for them, their show, the venue and our sponsors. We also partner with other media to promote them and post these interviews on their sites.

WNCW midday host Joe Kendrick produces and hosts the show, with a rotating cast of musicians, music journalists, and industry professionals as both hosts and guests. Kendrick has produced the music-based talk show “What It Is” weekdays on WNCW from October 2007 to April 2012. Lingua Musica is run independently by Kendrick and other professionals in the community.

The conversation is never complete without your participation! Please let me know your thoughts on the endeavor and I look forward to hearing from you!
The show puts you in the conversation, taking comments from the website and social networks like twitter and Facebook, feeding them back to host and panelists. This is where you get to talk about the music that you’re passionate about with your peers, your heroes, and those who would like to get to know you and your role in the music world.

What It Is Radio is hosted by Joe Kendrick and began in October 2007 on WNCW; it aired weekdays until April 2012, when Joe retired that version of the show. What It Is now can be seen live on video thanks to Joe’s partnership withIndependent Arts and Music Of Asheville with a series of conversations on music news, history and culture. With What It Is, we examine our collective musical psyche in educational and (we hope) entertaining sessions that give listeners a few free minutes on the couch. We discuss topics such as ways to succeed in the music business, great music videos, iconic women artists, concert memories, and just about anything that speaks to music artists, professionals and fans. 



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