Marcus Davis

Marcus Davis is an author, singer-songwriter of contemporary Inspirational music, producer, consultant, entrepreneur, CEO of Dreams Made Real Inc.

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Mission: to improve the living conditions of all people by using all popular forms of entertainment to educate and inform.

Marcus Davis has more than 10 years of experience in the recording industry as an artist/producer/songwriter and over 3 years of experience as a co-owner and CEO of an independent recording company.

Our mission is to improve the living conditions of all people by using all popular forms of music to educate and inform while promoting community/political involvement, entrepreneurship, self-discipline, and the importance of education.
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Dreams Made Real Inc. (D.M.R) is the United States’ first and only full service entertainment company that produces music from all genres, books, and film with only all positive, educational, and motivational content.  

     The Company was founded by CEO Marcus Davis in January 2011.  Mr. Davis, founder and President, provides the vision for Dreams Made Real.  In 2007, he co-founded LoccedOut Entertainment LLC. with Demarcus Keene.  As co-CEO, Mr. Davis contributed to and oversaw the production and release of seven full-length albums,- including one of his own as an artist- one DVD, and over 20 straight-to-internet videos.  

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Ultimately, Dreams Made Real Inc. will position itself to establish numerous non-profit organizations and foundations that focus on youth development and education.  

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Dreams Made Real (D.M.R.) offers many professional services: studio recording, studio engineering lessons, artist development, music production, video/commercial production, photography, model portfolio development, graphic/website design, online marketing, and business planning/consulting.

Marcus Davis!


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