Nai is an award nominated musician, counselor, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.



“Nai, a talented singer/songwriter from New Jersey, introduces “BELIEVE” a distinct new sound with inspiring lyrics, melodies and catchy hooks that are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Described by fans as songs that are hard to get off the mind! very powerful, unique and not just like everything else!”

Nai, Christian Recording Artist, whom currently resides in New Jersey. Generous and of caring nature, Nai is a strong, dignified, multi-talented woman who cheerfully and energetically tackles the challenges that each day brings.”First and foremost, I look to God. My primary concern is God’s will in my life” says Nai. Nai a counselor to women, men and teens in need of mentoring was brought up in a musical family.


Began singing Latin Music Later signed up with a company in Nashville, Tennessee where she recorded her first cd (Americana Blues). Nai, now a Born Again Christian, recently wrote her New Released Contemporary Christian cd “BELIEVE”. Nai’s mission with “BELIEVE” was to bring a different sound, a sound that can be enjoyed by the youth and the young at heart yet lyrics that can impact people’s lives.


“BELIEVE” is heard in on air and online radios stations worldwide including the UK, NZ, MX, KY, FL, OH and CT. Nai also recently released the OFFICIAL Video” BELIEVE” which has been nominated for 2013 New Video of the Year and has been nominated 2013 New Independent Artist of the Year.


Recently Nai received a Congressional Certificate of Recognition from the US House of Representative for her work to the community of Atlantic City, NJ. She also was selected Honoree and Godmother of the Puerto Rican Parade of Atlantic City.

Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
Tate Music Group



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