UNIR1 is a network of internet radios, a HD TV platform and record label that works with artists of several genres including contemporary Christian / Gospel music. UNIR1 is owned and operated by Scott Price and Deborah Flansburg. 


“I started with the making of UNIR1 NETWORK from the ground up.
I helped it along the way with contacts I have made on various social media sites. Linkedin is one of the most powerful, professional and useful tool, I have come across.
We grew from one radio station to many across the great oceans. We have now graduated to HD LIVE STREAMING TV CHANNEL platform.
We partnered with Tiki Live. We have now started to incorporate our Radio and HD TV platform into a blogging system that ranks 4 on google. Many businesses are using this system to accentuate their SEO work, combined with either Radio or TV this system works for business, artists, musicians, record companies and more. We are BMI, ASCAP registered. We have implemented into our radio packages promo packs that our stations can get paid to play artists music, and the artists receives royalty payments as well.

This platform is like no other, and is user friendly and so are the owners of the company. Contact me anytime 518-795-9500 or ask for Scott Price CEO of UNIR1 NETWORK and LIFE PARTNER and soon to be husband”. – Deborah Flansburg


UNIR1™ Radio is a full internet radio station that has live shows, interviews, promotes new artists and supplies 24/7 programming! UNIR1 Radio teaches independent artists how to self manage their careers while offering them a realistic opportunity to create multiple revenue streams with internet radio.

Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1


UNIR1 Radio – Albany, New York



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