Koine are a band of award winning musicians, singers-songwriters of contemporary Christian / Worship music.


Originally formed in 2003 as a worship band, Koiné quickly, and quite unexpectedly, began to gain a grassroots following as requests for appearances and sales of their first album, Koiné (Self-Titled) started to roll in.

Since that time, local events turned into regional tours, and now Koiné travels the United States and Canada sharing their unique music ministry. Koiné has truly found a niche for themselves. Much of their music already has a welcome home in traditional worship, but with a modern sound that anyone can identify with.
Koiné released their fifth full-length album, The Vine, in August 2011.


Koiné (Self-Titled), Gesangbuch, Church Bells, The Vine, and Anno Domini are available for download on iTunes, with CDs available from the band’s website,www.koinemusic.com


Members are:

Brian Davison
Benj Lawrenz
Seth Bauer
Matt Scott
Tracy Fedke
Seth Kock


Interesting Koiné Facts:

  • For the past 4 years, Koiné has been a full-time band. It’s members have no other jobs with music sales and touring becoming their only source of income.

  • In 2010, Koiné performed over 200 times across the United States, leading worship, performing concerts, and offering “Special Services.” These Special Services combine Scriptural narration, music, and multimedia to present Biblical stories in a whole new musical format. The popularity of these presentations has grown over the past 5 years to include 5 different Christmas presentations, a Lenten, a Tenebrae, and an Easter presentation.

  • Koiné was recently awarded 2013 Christian/Gospel Artist of the Year by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry.
  • koine5
  • http://www.koinemusic.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/koinemusic

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