Marc Andre

Marc Andre is a musician, entrepreneur, author, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.



“Marc Andre’s latest release, Snapshots of the Shattered Soul, offers up a fine collection of catchy modern-rock tunes. The production is top-notch and the songs resonate with conviction. From the dance-rock vibe of the opening track, Surfacing, to the heartfelt pop-rock More than Broken and Wherever Love Would Go, there’s a lot of material here to satisfy the appetite of a wide audience. Fans of mainstream bands such as Lifehouse and The Fray will enjoy the melodic modern-rock sensibilities of much of the songs, while fans of Christian acts such as Casting Crowns and Mercy Me will appreciate the reflective, worshipful quality of much of the record.” – Patrick Skelton, Author and Singer/Songwriter

Marc’s new album “Snapshots of the Shattered Soul” is now available on iTunes and CDbaby! Visit for more info.

Marc Andre has been making music since 1989. Between the years of 1991 and 1998, he released several Christian rap projects and then transitioned into pop rock with the debut of his Dishes album in 2001. In 2004, Marc released his sophomore project Backstage Pass, toured with his band for about a year and then took some time off to focus on his small business 10×12 Productions, which specializes in sound design and custom music for video/film. During this time, he scored the music for two short films including Ben Bay’s The Truck Driver and The Horseman and wrote the music for the Emmy award winningSay Grace PSA (2007).


In October 2011, after 2 years in the studio, Marc re-surfaced with his junior rock project Snapshots of the Shattered Soul. Marc describes his new album as “a collection of real life snapshots that touches on issues of depression, addiction, self-esteem and fractured relationships. A dynamic journey of music and emotion carried by piano, haunting strings and driving guitars.” The album was mixed by Nashville veteran Todd Robbins (dc Talk, Lincoln Brewster, Nicole Nordeman) and was mastered by Brad Blackwood (Evanescence, Maroon 5, Allison Krauss).


Marc’s live band consists of Marc Andre (piano/vocals), Matt Meyer (guitar), Joey Bradley (bass), and Jim Davis (drums). The band recently opened for Rush of Fools in Norwalk, OH and is currently lining up venues for their Fall/Winter tour.

In the winter of 2012, Marc released music videos for Portrait of Me and Shadows & Sunlight (directed by Ben Bays). Click onvideos to watch.


In December 2012, Marc debuted his first book, Snapshots of the Shattered Soul: The Stories Behind the Songs. The bookincludes an in-depth and personal look into the stories which inspired the songs to Marc’s latest album. The book is available as a paperback and as an eBook on Click on book for more info.





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