Tony Hibbert II

Tony Hibbert II is a teacher, Pastor, producer, singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music.


The next big thing in the ever-growing ranks of crossover gospel music is Tony Hibbert II. Slamming R&B grooves over powerful music, soulful vocals and inspirational lyrics make up an album truly touched by God!

Tony Hibbert II is a multi-talented songwriter/producer/recording artist, who posses the potential to be one of the most successful voices of our time. His hit single “I Will Bless The Lord” is already doing major damage at radio.

While in high school, Tony was involved with almost every music program available. Courses included jazz band, mixed chorus, madrigal singers, and gospel choruses.

Hibbert’s obvious talent was spotted by everyone within earshot and he soon became known for his musical versatility. This quickly placed him in high demand by artists in a variety of musical genres, where he has always made sure to make each artist feel like they were at their musical home when working with him.


In recent years Tony has been teaching and performing at various gospel music seminars and venues around the country. He is currently traveling, teaching choir and music clinics. In January 2003 he became Pastor of Penuel Pentecostal Tabernacle. Tony’s first album debut “In His Presence” was released on September 2, 2003.


Tony’s main objective is to produce mainstream R&B/ Urban Contemporary Gospel Music, mainly to the youth of our generation, music that will instill Christian values, and promote moral integrity. Tony’s main motto is: “When you’ve been given the opportunity to be heard, speak the truth.”




Tony’s experience in music includes:

• East Regional Music & Arts Conference
• To The Chief Musician
• Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar
• Northeast Music & Arts Conference

• Self-produced Albums (3)
• Bishop Gary Ellis
• Nancy Grandquist
• Kathy Grant Mahon (winner of several Canadian Gospel Awards)

• Bethel Sanctuary Choir (Albums: One God, His Truth Shall Triumph)
• Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts (Church Time)
• O’landa Draper



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