Nick Myers

Nick Myers is a musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music.


“Ministry- first and foremost. The success of a ministry is truly measured by the people who are touched and changed by God’s message. MANY exciting things to come”. – Nick Myers

Lafayette, LA – Singer songwriter from South Louisiana, Nick Myers has been creating Contemporary Christian music with his guitar since he was a teenager. An authentic musician with an amazing talent, Nick composes a musical outpouring of spiritual passion laced with humility and hope. His songs are personal and compassionate creating an instant connection with listeners.

Nick started singing at age 7 when he began soloing in the school choir. Nick’s father, a guitar player as well, noticed that Nick played his dad’s guitar quite often and, at 13, Nick received his first guitar.
He played with different friends through high school but always felt that there was something deeper God was calling him to but he did not know quite what that call was.

At the age of 19, his love for ministry and music came together.
“I wanted to give back to God what talent he had given me. I wanted to connect with people through music and offer them the message of peace, hope, joy and forgiveness found in Christ.”


With a group of good friends, he was able to do this. They formed a band and for 2 years, played for many communities in south Louisiana. Later, Nick realized a calling from God to serve his church through music ministry as praise and worship leader and continues to do so.

His EP, “The Road I’m On” was a homegrown effort – a collection of south Louisiana’s finest musicians coming together for a cause that meant producing a CD that would hopefully touch others. In the process, the 5 people involved in helping the project come to life were touched by God in personal ways, one in whom had never experienced God before.
This inspiration is what keeps Nick writing and recording music for God today.
“Connecting with people spiritually and bringing them to a deeper sense of peace in Christ is what this ministry is about and why I have done this for so long. It’s our mission as followers of Christ to bring others- those we don’t even know- to Him.”

“Rhythm of the Tides”, Nick’s newest compilation of songs, are just that.
Produced by Nick Coetzee ( in Nashville, Tennessee with some of Nashville’s best (Carl Albrecht, Reggie Smith, Matt Pierson) and mastered by Tommy Dorsey of MasterFonix, it is truly Nick’s best work to date.

Listeners are sure to get a treat when hearing this one…over and over again. It is definitely a CD that is hard to stop listening to. Southern acoustic pop rock at its best with a message that is meant to get to the hearts of people.

As a songwriter he understands music that is meaningful. As a performer, he plays music that is moving.


Nick has brought his music to Christian communities across South Louisiana and has been honored to accompany recording artist and music missionary John Angotti.

In addition to his own music Nick performs a collection of songs from other popular Christian artists including Shane & Shane, Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman, David Crowder Band, Matthew West and even Twila Paris.

“Nick Myers’s music is refreshing, enlightening and inspirational. Sure to give listeners a beat to connect to along with a message that is relatable.” — Tiffany Babineaux, KAJN 102.9, Program Assistant, On-air Announcer



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