Brad Guldemon

Brad Guldemon is an award winning musician, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music. Inspired by Christian singer-songwriters Jeremy Riddle, Will Reagan, and Chris Rice, Canada’s own Brad Guldemond is infusing worship music with his personal and personable brand of time-tested spirituality, performing passionate, piano-driven songs with a tremendous voice fueled by his faith, to share the […]

Uniquely Your Song

Uniquely Your Song is a personalized music production service company of all genres. Robert Stevenson is founder / CEO.  Would you like to give a unique and everlasting gift to someone special on their Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special day? How would you like to re-live precious […]

Pc Public Relations & Management Inc

Pc Public Relations is a faith based management / public relations firm. Phyllis Caddell-M is founder / CEO, author, radio correspondent, speaker, publicist & media relations expert. PCPR was established in 1995. We specialize in media relations, publicity, and corporate communications. We also produce DIY Publicity books & workshops. At Pc Public Relations & Management (PCPR) […]

Ami Rushes

Ami Rushes is an author, philanthropist, award winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music.  When she isn’t spreading the gospel to various Los Angeles churches, vocalist Ami Rushes is sharing the word in song. She has appeared on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel and is a regular at the annual Gospel Music Workshop of America convention. Her […]

Drawing Unto Him

Drawing Unto Him is a Christian Fine Art studio that teaches drawing from a biblical worldview and helps students create artwork unto the glory of God.  Jesse and Carole Ruffin are founders / owners. Jesse and Carole Ruffin are graduates of the Cleveland Institute of Art and seek to use our talents and abilities unto the […]

Sparrow 5

Sparrow 5 is a group of musicians, singers-songwriters of Christian Folk Rock music. The four guys from the Christian folk-rock band Sparrow 5 came together in the Summer of 2011, and it was a great fit from the very first practice. Matt Barnett (lead vocals, guitar), Lance Luginbill (drums, percussion, harmonica, vocals), Chris Ousley (bass guitar, […]

John McClung Jr.

John McClung Jr.  is an entrepreneur, founder / CEO  of the ‘I AM A TESTIMONY’ Christian clothing collection. “Custom designed clothing that tells people around the globe they have a special story which fits into the fabric of a master plan, designed by God himself. This has been a vision of mine for sometime” – John […]