Mahogany Archer

Mahogany Archer is an internet radio co-host, host of television show Youth Speak Out TV.



Youth Speak Out Inc. was founded by Ebony Archer in January 2013. The non for profit targets the youth and young adults from the ages of 13-25. The  The organization educate the youth through the arts which includes film, TV, MEdia, music, theater, etc. Youth Speak Out also has a TV Show (Youth Speak Out TV Show) that comes on every Tuesday on Comcast Channel 19 at 7:30pm and it will be on Dish Network nationwide on VOD in September.

Youth Speak Out Inc. intends to provide training for the youth in the field of the performing arts and wants to acquire a building in order to facilitate this. Youth Speak Out Inc. also wants to start a scholarship and college prep program for the youth of its organization and partner up with different colleges in order for high school students to receive college credit.


Youth Speak Out Inc. is also very involved in the community. Through Youth Speak Out Inc, the Stop The Violence Campaign was launched. Through this campaign, the organization hosts a series of events, panels, etc. in order to help stop the violence in Chicago.


The ultimate goal of the organization is to help provide a positive outlet and platform for youth on a global scale through the arts and entertainment.





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