J. Elizabeth Hardges

J. Elizabeth Hardges is a Christian poet, speaker, entrepreneur, author and award winning spoken word recording artist.


My poetry is featured on over 100,000 networking sites… My ministry, THANK GOD, in one year, has hit an international level encouraging and blessing people in far away lands such as Australia, Africa, Canada and the UK!!! Most of which can be found by inputting my first and last name into the google search engine.

A native of Newark, New Jersey, J. Elizabeth Hardges is a Christian poet, author and award winning spoken word recording artist.
She has, with GODS help, overcome many struggles in her life and has chosen to use her gifts, talents and abilities to spread the message that, GOD can and WILL bring you out of any situation if you let HIM.


She has copyrighted and published all of her works, “I Am Blessed“, “HE walks me through” and other more controversial pieces like “Hello Broom”, “You’ve GOT the Word!“, and her series of “Letters”. Her goal is to reach everyone, no matter how insignificant they feel with a message of peace, hope and love.


” I am a product of a single parent, dysfunctional, physically, emotionally and verbally abusive household… Rape did enter into the house, but thank GOD, HE protected me from that. I have seen many things. In my youth, I watched friends die in front of my eyes right on the street from gun shot wounds. I have run through “shoot-outs” as a kid trying to get into the church doors. To be a child dealing with all of this was not really a huge problem for me, because I thought that everyone lived with these issues. But, not having a daddy, and living with an abusive mother, who, I believe, blamed me for the sins of my daddy, I thought, I felt, forgotten…




I JUST RECENTLY RELEASED MY FIRST CD…I am looking to encourage as many people as I can to be inspired and better themselves… My poetry is intended to inspire the common man to keep pushing and to be, forever, grateful…http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-am-blessed/id484802912?i=484802924


http://soundcloud.com/j-elizabeth-hardges/a-letter-from-the-new ” – J. Elizabeth Hardges






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