Wordkrapht is an independent artist community website for all genres. Victor Alfieri is founder / owner.


A community for independent and small label musicians by music lovers who believe they need to be heard! www.WORDKRAPHT.com


How many times have you seen a band or artist and said they were as good or better than what you heard on the radio? Wordkrapht is here to give exposure to those artists that need to be heard. If you’re the person who fills their iPod with music nobody has ever heard of, this is the place for you.

Welcome home.

To submit your music to WORDKRAPHT email us: submit@WORDKRAPHT.com

All other inquires please email us at: info@WORDKRAPHT.com

I sit here, the night before the launch of a lifetime and I cannot find the right words to convey the myriad of emotions and ideas running through my skull. How can I put it in a way that does it justice? Wordkrapht is a website. In its most basic form, that’s all it is. However, when I think about what has transpired to bring us all to this point, it becomes so much more.

 The staff of Wordkrapht is an amazing group of music lovers. They are passionate about what moves them and will fight loyally for what they believe in. This band of misfits came together because they all saw a need. Yes, there are music sites by the thousand out there, and many even cover indie music. Some of them do it quite well. But very few, if any, are truly a resource and advocate for the independent artist.

Independent. That is the key. It is not a style of music, nor is it some ideology that pushes people to the fringe. Independent means these musicians are out there chasing after their passions day in and day out with little or no help. No label, no manager, and in many cases, no guidance of any kind.

There is so much amazing talent out there that nobody has ever heard of. These artists are buried in obscurity for many reasons. That changes right now. Wordkrapht is here to do that very thing. We are here to shine the light on these amazing artists. We will cover any and all style of music from any place in the world.


Wordkrapht is not just a website, it’s a community. It is interactive with message boards for musicians. They can buy, sell and trade gear, search for additional musicians, look for contacts in other cities for possible live events and build relationships among themselves. We also hope to help educate musicians by talking to veterans in the industry and other music professionals to help younger artists from stepping on the landmines that can ruin a career.

Wordkrapht is a place for music lovers. The misfits all over the world, who like the staffers, are the ones with iPods filled with music their friends have never heard of. This community welcomes you all with open arms and screams from the rooftops for you to let your freak flag fly! The reviews will give you the opportunity to find more of those uncovered gems, and the message boards will give you the ability to meet other music lovers and discuss the thing you are most passionate about.

We are here to create a new idea and welcome you all to join us on the journey. I have no idea where this path will take us, but I can guarantee you one thing, it will not be dull. So help us change the landscape of what the music industry is. Help us come together and give exposure to musicians that deserve to have their music heard.

Help us…Reinvent Indie.


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