David Molnar

David Molnar is an author, music & advertising photographer. 


David Molnar is a husband, new daddy and a music & advertising photographer. His first camera was borrowed from his father for his photography classes as a freshman in high school. Since then, a camera has never left his hands. Growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the warmth of the sun’s first rays and smell of the salty air was as much of a learning tool as it was an inspiration.

David followed a girl to Nashville with the mindset that he would bring her back to a small historic coastal town and live a slow pace of life. (He soon married this really cute girl.) However, immediately after arriving in town, David found himself on the sets of shoots with some of Nashville’s greatest commercial and entertainment photographers. He assisted Jeremy Cowart, Mark Tucker, Russ Harrington, Kristin Barlowe and others before he was ready to take the reigns and start as a full-time photographer.

Music city has been a fantastic launching pad for David. His work has been seen on 3 million Pepsi cans, on American Idol, in People Magazine, The New York Times and Real Simple Magazine. He has photographed a platinum selling album cover and his clients include Capital Records, Atlantic Records, Pepsi, Sony BMG, EMI, INO Records and artists such as Colton Dixon, Skillet, MercyMe, Newsboys, Thousand Foot Krutch, Matthew West, Laura Story, Hawk Nelson and more, David has honed his skills in the entertainment world. In addition to the entertainment industry, he is also focusing on advertising campaigns for companies like Cracker Barrel, Infiniti, March of Dimes, Dolby, Compassion and Centura Health.

Because of his deep faith in living out love like Jesus, David uses his photography to aid in philanthropic work to wipe out hunger, disease, and extreme poverty. He’s teamed up with KnowThinkAct.com, which David utilized to gather funding for a well in Uganda instead of friends and family purchasing him birthday presents. He was able to get his hands muddy and actually help dig the well while in Uganda shooting with KnowThinkAct.

All of these different avenues have taken David multiple times all over the US, Latin America, Europe and Africa in just the past few years. If He isn’t traveling regularly, David gets antsy waiting for his next flight and adventure.

Recently, David has been writing a book on iPhone Only Photography that should be released Fall of 2013. More info soon.

CLIENTS: Pepsi, Cracker Barrel, Capital Records, Atlantic Records, Sony BMG, Universal Music, DOLBY, EMI, INO Records, Tooth and Nail Records, InPop Records, Six Steps Records, Compassion, Passion Conferences, Catalyst Conferences, Q Management Group, The Media Collective, Teen Mania Ministries, Charisma Magazine,  Fair Trade Services, HM Magazine, ParentLife Magazine, Centura Health, St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital, Summit Cardiology, The Winn Group, Howling Music, Jim Jam Entertainment, MergePR, Global Support Mission, KnowThinkAct, See Spark Go, RipCord and others.



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