Reggie Banks Sr.

Reggie Banks Sr. is an author, movie director, screenwriter, actor, entrepreneur, cameraman, photojournalist, engineer, reporter, CEO / founder Blackberry Castle Productions. 


Reggie Banks,Sr. has been involved in the “art of moving pictures” since he first went to the, now demolished Linwood theater in Kansas City, Mo. Where he watched his first horror movie on wide screen, Dracula, featuring Christopher Lee. And wondered how in the world they got that image, to the shiny white screen with holes in it? He eventually became a Projectionist and the President of I.A.T.S.E & M.P.M.O.(International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Machine Operators) in the USA & Canada Local 170. And “moving pictures,”and “still pictures,” have continued to be an unbridled fervor and passion that beats beneath his chest.


Reggie Banks, Sr. was born in Little Rock, Arkansas to Patriarch & Matriarch Willie and Callie Banks, May 15, 1951. Before he was a year old they left the segregationist confines of Arkansas for hopefully greener pastures and better jobs in Kansas City. The family grew to become a large loving Catholic family of eleven children, seven boys and four girls.
Reggie went through the disciplined & orthodox upbringing as an altar boy at Blessed Sacrament elementary school, De La Salle Military Prep Catholic (all boy) high school. Where he first started acting, singing and playing instruments for the young men’s glee club. He also lettered in varsity football, track and basketball. Reggie was nicknamed the “Sidney” Poitier of his generation, along with being nominated “Outstanding Teenager of America,” Student Council President, and earning various college scholarships.

During his junior and senior year he first became an usher for American Multi-Cinema theaters and his interest was piqued by the projectionist booth and running films. After mentoring and training he became a projectionist and many years later became the President of IATSE & MPMO

  • International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving

Picture Machine Operators of USA and Canada 170 (there was a black and white projectionist union). Reggie & Business Manager Frank Dowd of 170 negotiated a job with Chief Engineer Steve Smith, at the CBS affiliate KCTV-5 in 1971, thus began his career in film projection, video, 6-10 newscasts, broadcast engineering and thousands of productions “on air” with new and major celebrities.

Personal stability was brought about with the addition of his first marriage to his high school sweetheart Ida and stepson Dennis and sons Reggie Banks, Jr. and Rian Christopher Banks. He designed and built his first home and attended Longview Community College and Ohio State University and studied Electrical Engineering Technology,and earned an FCC Broadcast Engineers license. His second marriage to Willia produced his last and youngest son Regan David Banks, who recently graduated from high school in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received the Presidential award and Blackberry Castle Productions wrote a proposal on his volunteerism but, he received a “full ride” scholarship in biology/pre-med to Indiana University. All of his sons have worked diligently for BCP’s Advisory Board.


The Renaissance Man (Reggie Sr.) had a penchant & hobby for motorcycles. He wrote the club by-laws and, co-designed the “colors” of the Kansas City Zodiac Motorcycle Club with Harold O’field and was an original incorporator. Reggie has worked with acts from Bob Hope, George Goebel, Connie Stevens, Diana Ross,Temptations, Spinners, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, featuring Teddy Pendergrass, B. B. King, Peter Frampton, to President Gerald Ford, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Leslie Stahl, Jerry Lewis, Al Green

Most recently through the auspices of his non-profit company Blackberry Castle Productions, inc., he has worked with celebrity benefactors & crew, for children’s educational soap opera “The Really Young & The Very Restless” (RYVRtm- river) that has included Leslie Nielsen, Eric Estrada, Dr. Bill Cosby, William Shatner, LeVar Burton, Florence Henderson, Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan, Don Knotts, Karen Knotts, Helen Griffiths, Esther Luttrell, Art Still (KC Chiefs), George Brett (KC Royals), former mayors Ed Eilert, Emmanuel Cleaver (now Congressman) and many, many others.

RBSR Enterprises L.L.C. in association with Blackberry Castle Productions, Inc. are in the development stages of a major regional, national and international launch of KCKIDZ RECIPEEZtm cookbook “gourmet miracle marinade” and other product extension lines that are a culmination of years of tried and true hard work by family, friends, crew and staff.


In the Kevin Willmott written/directed movie “Ninth Street,” he and his son, Reggie Banks, Jr. appear together in the opening bar room scene.
Kevin Willmott, Kansas University associate professor of film and theater; who directed “Ninth Street” and CSA “Confederate States Of America.” Was a consulting director to Reggie Banks,Sr., who directed “The Really Young & The Very Restless” children’s educational soap opera. And Co-directors/producers Karen Knotts & Reggie Banks,Sr. “All Across America & Beyond” documentary; featuring Don Knotts and community activist Ruben Martinez.



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